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  • jujujuyou jujujuyou Jun 3, 2013 4:19 PM Flag

    JDI contract will eventually be terminated?

    Can anyone that attended the annual meeting confirm that when asked about the future of the JDI contract for the iPhones, management said that it seems likely JDI will be moving to another supplier who can produce for a lower cost in the near future?

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    • I believe the Apple business was a great shot in the arm for NTE. The company was able to update it's facilities, shore up it's balance sheet (which was never really in trouble), and demonstrate to shareholders that they are capable of doing top quality work for top clients. I applaud NTE for standing their ground on margin and I believe there are opportunities with other customers who require quality and don't have the same stranglehold on suppliers.
      I believe management has demonstrated the ability to operate on a string if needed (even during the roughest times during the past couple of years they rarely ran in the red) so I'm willing to wait for them to find the next and possibly better opportunity.
      What I can't get over is how smart the market can be sometimes. I'm not a very seasoned value investor and I just couldn't understand why this stock wasn't selling higher with the yoy numbers they were putting up and projected volumes to come. I wonder how many times I will have to review the "if something looks too good to be true" lesson?

    • That's not really new news. From their May 10 press release it already said "This new purchase order does not alter the customer's decision to eventually transfer its future orders to other suppliers with lower assembling charge."

    • Of course it will, eventually. Tell us when else you have said nothing.