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  • nazbear88 nazbear88 Mar 16, 2006 5:41 PM Flag

    shouldn't this stock be at least $60

    whats going on? dxpe/gdi basically at 52-week highs, hydl down about 10% from its high and lufk down about 27%. WHAT GIVES?

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    • cramer curse? didn't he call it one of his best picks in energy patch?

    • I wouldn't worry here - the stock's low daily average volume menns there will be periods of stagnation. However, as long as we are slowly moving up, we shouldn't complain. The real thing to keep in mind is that the low volume means a big breakout can come any day as soon as even a couple of institutions throw their money into the stock.

      I think if we make the move to sixty, LUFK will definitely split again because 100,000 share days provide way too much volatility.

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      • 60 is a reasonable target. And I agree about the volatility, this is a good stock, but it's all over the place, often for no apparent reason. My guess is that it'll show 10% gain in almost no time the first positive news that comes in, whether it be instituitional buy-ins or even something normally fairly neutral like the annual report giving just enough information to inspire confidence. After that first jump, it'll probably take a little longer to move on up. Of course, those are just wild guesses, since it's fairly erratic behavior makes it impossible to predict.