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  • yankeeboy4748 yankeeboy4748 Jan 25, 2008 4:23 PM Flag


    After next week,there will be no supporting Federal action that will put a floor on the Markets,for at least a couple of months. Therefore,starting in Feb. it is likely that the Dow will test and go below the 11,600 mark.

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    • IMH WAS a bad news story. Now its improving. Glad Fav is spreading the news. Sorry to hear that you've shorted another another position that is likely to hand your head to you on a platter.

      Good investment advice: Do the opposite of whatever your analysis concludes is the best possible move. You'll make more money that way.

    • Don't forget that the first few weeks of Feb. will bring the RAS earnings report. That should be enough to move the stock up.

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      • The next biggie for RAS will be hopefully the announcement of the prefferred dividend. It should come Monday the 28th if there is no announcement it might signal a problem.
        If it does not come by tuesday it is a problem!
        If they do announce I think it could give the stock a lift.
        I think it could go to $10 which would give the stock a 18% plus yield.
        I for one would be a buyer on the announcement.
        Logically there are people out there that don't believe that RAS will continue to pay both a prefferred and regular dividend of even .46 cents. Otherwise the stock price of both the preferred and the common makes no sense.
        These people that don't believe that RAS will continue to pay current dividends have also put there money where there mouth is since there is an amazingly large short position on this stock.
        My research on this stock would indicate that the dividend of at least .46 cents should be safe.
        However it would not be the first time in my 40 some years of trading that I would have been wrong. Within the next 60 days the picture on RAS should become much clearer.
        If the dividends are paid the stock will be a real winner if not
        I am going to lose some money along with the rest of the longs on this board.
        Shorts are sometimes but not always right.
        Time will tell.
        Monday is a big day for RAS either up or down.

    • I tend to agree. The analysts they have on TV amaze me. Before Tuesday they're all crying that Bernanke sucks and needs to do something -- they claim he's always behind the curve and needs to have stepped in already. They were even calling for a full point reduction. Fast forward to today and they're saying Bernanke is too reactionary and had a knee jerk reaction to the market. They complain about what message Bernanke is sending to the market. Bernanke's job isn't to care about the market, it's to care about the economy. He cares about the market only as much as the market affects the economy - it's an afterthought.

      I think I'll just get my decisions by reading this board, the financial reports, and throwing darts at a dart board with a bunch of potential stock buys taped to it.

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      • Yankee:

        I tend to agree with you, but can you expand on your thoughts.

        The market have been killed and yet what is working? homebuilders, MREITS, bond insurers. Are these now the "safe and cheap" sectors, that have already bottomed?(not that they can't go lower, but that they have made the big moves down and will go down no more or less than market. what has been dangerous this year has been the AAPL's not the RAS's). Also if we test the "panic" bottom and go lower, would that likely signal the end of the bear?

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