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  • imjoel00 imjoel00 Jul 26, 2013 10:27 AM Flag

    Where,s Davis ?

    Could It Be He,s On The Run With Steve Cohen. If He,s On The Payroll He,s Looking For Deep Cover.

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    • LOL. Quite the opposite. I'm in Portland, OR, where my youngest son just got married. Wonderful weekend.

      I do love the way you guys invent nonsense when you could trivially learn the truth. I haven't exactly been hiding. I just haven't posted here while I've been out in the pacific northwest.

    • Probably just can't face his Foulgerite acolytes after inadvertently admitting his incompetence in two recent posts:

      "I hold many more shares now than I owned when I bought RAS for $29, but I sold."

      "I expect RAS to make it to $9 this year"

      So, a locked-in loss of $20 per share on a stock you have been relentlessly touting for years?

      No wonder you ran away to hide your shame, Foulger!

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      • LOL. You are beginning to post like K1. I encourage people to search for the posts in which I actually said those things, as they provide useful context.

        I would note that (1) RAS probably will make it to $9 this year. It has already been within a quarter and the dividend should continue to grow; (2) that my average price, including this $29 pre-split shares (whether considered LIFO or FIFO) is $1.02 pre-split. On Wednesday it will be 99 cents even if I do nothing but collect the dividend I have coming in.

        All best. You used to act rationally. What happened?

    • FFF had to make his annual pilgrimage back to Beijing to collect his marching orders: instructions for the next 12 months of economic undermining and social sabotage

      Not _excessively_ liberal, mind you: Just slightly to left of Mao, is all, and in all probability unblinkingly supports UNESCO's canonization of Che Guevara

    • Cohen is a common name in the urban Northeast. I don't think the Steve Cohen whose hedge fund is being indicted is any relation to the Cohen Family who trashed RAS in '08. For those who are new to RAS the company used to be a wholly-owned subsidiary controlled by the Cohen Family:

      Ma Cohen: CEO and President
      Pops Cohen: Chairman of the Bored
      Sonny Cohen: Manager of acquisitions of moth-eaten companies with rotten portfolios.
      Sissy Cohen: Secretary and eye candy

      Cousin Benedict: Chairman of the no-audits committee
      Aunt Peabody: Chairwoman of the compensation committee
      Uncle Finster's Hand: Signer of "managemente fee" checks

      RAS is under new management now, although rumor has it that Uncle Finster's Hand is still kept in a pickle jar in the back row of the supply closet. It's pulled out as needed to sign checks with a non-traceable signature.

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