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  • Friday, I Shorted Facebook @ 51Taking A Shot That The Market Will Tank This Week. I May Be Right Or I Could Be Wrong. But There,s Blood In The Water.

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    • Good move Joe. Wish I had done the same. Betting on Obummer to screw up is unfortunately a no-brainer. He's busy trying to blame the Republicans when he won't even negotiate. He's trying to make the shutdown as painful as possible (closing open air parks for Vets). Whatever happened to Presidential leadership?
      5 years of blaming "Bush" and now looks like we'll get 3 years of blaming the Tea Party.

      Did you hear Obummer last week trying to talk down the markets and threatening to default on debt (rather than just other payments)? Have we ever had a President before trying to talk down the markets like that? Can you imagine if a corporate CEO tried to talk down their stock like that? If Obummer was a Russian spy planted to destroy the US economy, he couldn't be doing a better job.

    • hey Joe,hope U make some money this week! usu had such wild swings i stayed on the side wi/i access where i i put most of my venture money in ras,when ras was about where it is now.....happy to be collecting divs......LOL o ya!!!....nick

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