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  • steve_j_sewell steve_j_sewell Oct 23, 2013 7:47 PM Flag


    DO NOT EVEN CLICK ON IT- much less give your name, SS#, or ANYTHING else. This webpage is riddled with viruses, malware, and invasive bots that will make the NSA look like church ladies.

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    • Is it time to bump this topic?

      You bet it is!

    • The dysfunctional web site is actually the least of the problems. The real problem is the program itself. People's insurance costs are going much higher. People are dropping coverage - not adding it. It should be called the unaffordable care act. Or perhaps the UnAffordable Care Act unless you are eligible for a huge govt subsidy Act. Or perhaps the Part Time Employment Act.

    • I don't think it's QUITE as bad as you say. I tested the site out a week ago and found it to be completely useless, but not "riddled with viruses."

      The curious point is why they awarded a no-bid contract to a third-rate Canadian company with a terrible reccord of incompetence. Why not award it to IBM or Accenture?

      The Canadian company must have greased a lot of palms to have been selected to design this system.

      Like "don_t_panick" mentioned, many of us have managed large IT projects at one point or another in our careers. Rolling out untested software should be a career-killer, but what usually happens is that the vendor asks for more money to "fix" what should have been working on rollout and the extra money is paid without question. The company that developed the website asked for an $87 million dollar "change order" (LOL!) to fix what was broken and the money was granted immedaitely I suppose computer software development remains the racket it always was.

      This, by the way, is one reason that Teaparty people hate government. They work their rear ends off as small business owners, fork over 40% of their hard earned money in various taxes, and then watch the government p...i.....s......s it away. If the Republicans didn't keep nominating moronic candidates like Mitt Romney they would sweep the Democrats out of office in a tidal wave of discontent.

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      • What else can you expect when the contracts are written with the deliverables defined as "code written to specifications", and the Gummint employees who write the specifications, or approve third-party specifications written by for-profit Beltway Bandits, are technically oblivious?
        Would you want to have technical proposals developed by engineers, computer scientists, and math majors reviewed, revised, or vetoed by an English major, or (shudder) an MBA?
        Happens every day in DC-land. All the real work is contracted out, because the six-figure-plus salary types are either political appointees or unfireable civil-service workers who couldn't write a working app if their lives depended on it.
        I know whereof I speak, having worked for decades as an evil minion of the nefarious criminal conspiracy whose sole motivation is to maximize the number of tax dollars they can pump out of the political sewer and into their overstuffed bank accounts. Mea culpa. How else could I afford to spend money on overvalued RAS shares, anyway. Thank goodness it's O.P.M. I'm wasting, at least.

    • LOL. Don't make things up. There are virtually no news stories making any such claim about malware, bots, or viruses. A news search on those terms in conjunction with returns the error message "Your search - malware virus bot - did not match any news results."

      More sadly for your thesis, I know (personally know) an increasing number who have successfully gotten health insurance through the site, the exchanges it points at, or by calling the insurance companies found listed with plans in their state.

      I know you are against the ACA. But don't make things up. The site is improving, but many things on it work extremely well already, including the basic front end and the interactive chat facility. The problems have largely been the kind of back end problems that just about any web site with a complex back end has during its early ramp up to volume. Relax and stew in your bile as more and more people buy, mostly with their own money, the health insurance you don't think they deserve to buy. The "scandal" that is being pushed by conservatives is noise against the reality of people getting insurance they couldn't afford before at prices they can afford.

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      • Yeah, big brother decided that they "deserve" to buy it so much that if they don't they get fined. Why fine everyone if they don't buy if everyone is so excited about this great gift from Obama? You make no sense when you talk politics...

      • Davis, you tell him to stop making things up, but then you make things up yourself. An increasing number can be as simple as going from one person to two. Two people out of thousands and thousands doesn't make a success. This thing is a mess. Even the democrats are starting to call it a mess. Why? Because there is no way of getting around what a mess it is. My wifes health insurance that she gets through her work is going up 30% this year. Why do you think that is? My insurance? Going up 22%. It isn't because people are eating more skittles either. If they think they are going to get the number of young, healthy invulnerables to sign up, they have another thing coming. Most of them feel it's better to just pay the small fine rather than sign up.

    • In a former job I had to manage a number of large IT projects and rollouts for a University. The incompetence of the Obumbler Admin is stunning. Their egos are stunning. Obviously they made decisions based on politics instead of what the vendors and other experts were telling them.

      I have often seen Foulger attack Bush's competence here. Obumbler's management skills make Bush look like a genius.

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      • You are blowing things considerably out of propotion. There are backend issues in that are actively being resolved. There were a lot of backend issues the first weekend. The biggest problem was heavy volume; about the highest all at once registration volume a brand new web site has ever had to handle. The problems have lessened since, and some of the more important elements of the system, the basic front end that gets you routed to the appropriate web site (for 14 states, a state operated health care exchange site; for the 36 states that choose to not fully participate in the rollout, the Federally operated state exchanges).

        If politics was a problem, it wasn't anything at the Obama administration. 36 states decided that Presidential politics was more important than the health of its citizens. It is the governors and legislatures of those states that are playing politics with with the lives of their own citizens. That turned into a bigger project than it was supposed to be, and as someone who has architected and built high volume web sites, I will state with reservation that the work that has been done by the contractors over the last 22 months (the contracts weren't awarded until late 2011, about six months after the law was passed and barely a month after a large number of newly elected Republican governors announced that their states wouldn't do their part to make the system work.

        They are now going through a normal web site ramp up process, but that hardly matters, as the system already works well enough that an increasing number of people are actually getting their insurance directly through the site and a large number of other people are following pointers on the site to plans and health insurance companies such that they are closing the deal over the phone.

        I'm sure you will continue to push your perspective on this, but your even with your limtied IT management experience, you don't know what you don't know.

      • this rollout is a comedy of errors. If this were a public company the share price would get CRUSHED.

      • "w0w" C average press beats "class pres,pres.!......"Wow"....1 word!...."Vindicated"...[ probably mispelled ].....LOL to ya' ...nick

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