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  • don_t_panick don_t_panick Oct 25, 2013 7:50 PM Flag

    Free Obummercare For New Medicare enrollees

    80% of new enrollees pay nothing through increased medicare elligibility. Middle class who actually pay for insurance face skyrocketing costs.

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    • From the NY Post below. Many freeloaders and few actually paying for Obummercare. No wonder the middle class being forced to pay for all the freeloaders are really getting soaked. 2,500 a family in savings promised - LMAO.

      This week, The Post’s S.A. Miller and Carl Campanile reported that only a third of the 37,000 New Yorkers who enrolled in health care through the state’s new exchange signed up for private insurance. Nearly two-thirds opted for Medicaid, a state program partly funded by the federal government.

      That’s just what’s got many insurers worried. Because to pay for ObamaCare’s benefits, they need a great many more healthy people to sign up.

      It’s not just New York, either. We’re seeing the same trend in other states with their own health-care exchanges. Indeed, the number of new Medicaid enrollees in states like Kentucky, Washington and Oregon tops 80 percent. And why not? In contrast to the private plans, Medicaid is free.

    • medicare or medicaid?

      Sentiment: Buy

    • recently received a notice from kaiser. had high deductible insurance before with the option of paying into a HSA account tax deductible. Now bronze plan, slightly worse on the deductions, etc. would be 106% higher.

      So I guess Obama lied when he said you could keep the policy you had if you were content with it.

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      • "If you like your plan you can keep your plan." Barack Obama, 8/15/2009
        Not if you work for any of thousands of small businesses.
        This has hit home: October 3rd, just 3 weeks ago, my employer notified all employees that the Health Insurance they had been offering for more than 10 years would turn into a pumpkin at midnight on December 31st, 2013. Why?
        Every year at this time, they have 'open enrollment' for the next year, and get quotes for the new rates, so employees can choose a plan and know how much the payroll deduction will be for the next year. This year the costs soared, because of Federally-mandated overhead added by Blue Cross, CareFirst, Humana, Aetna, and Kaiser Permanente, the only choices my employer offers.

        Company management decided: "It's a business decision. We are dropping coverage because of ObamaCare. Costs have skyrocketed, and we simply can't afford it anymore."
        They tell us "No sweat: just go sign up at No problem."
        Yeah, right.
        Badly broken and unusable still, after 3 weeks of abysmal mis-management.
        $600 million dollars and 3 1/2 years later (Obama signed off on it in March, 2010), nothing but finger-pointing and blame-game BS between contracters, bureaucrats, and politicians, and no way for us to get coverage. Hey, the employer mandate got lifted, cause they couldn't get ready in time.
        But the IRS-enforced requirement? No delay there. Tough bananas, pal. Your boss doesn't have to offer you coverage, but you still have to have it.
        Fair, much?

      • Yes, either a lie or incompetence by Obummer. People's costs are going up (except for the increasing number of freeloaders who get it for free). Employers are hiring less full time workers to avoid the mandates.

        Don't believe anything Foulger posts about RAS. The guy is a charlatan with no common sense. He sold RAS book value as being a good metric before the huge Taberna markdowns. He still denies the obvious facts about Obummercare problems. He hyped FNMA on this board when it was peaking at $5 and then when it bounces back to 2.20 after a huge crash he has the nerve to brag about his supposed profits.

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