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  • mugblum mugblum Jun 13, 2014 11:18 AM Flag

    What Selective Focus and massive posting volume leaves out.

    Yeah, the dividend increased a penny. Foulger predicted a greater increase and was wrong for this and the previous two dividends.

    So let us go beyond his hyping of the penny and look at these increased dividends and search for the real pattern:

    15 to 16 cents was a 6.67% increase.
    16 to 17 cents was a 6.25% increase.
    17 to 18 cents was a 5.8% increase.

    You haven't heard Foulger flogging the falling dividend increases, have you?

    You also have not heard him talking about the fact that the period of vulnerability (when share holders wait between the time of dividend announcement and record date they must hold through to be eligible to receive the dividend) has increased by 61% comparing this dividend and the previous dividend.

    Announced 6/13/14.....Record Date 7/11/14
    Announced 3/18/14.....Record Date 4/4/14

    What could happen during this period of vulnerability? Oh, I don't know, maybe more management shafting of the simple common share holder?

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    • I'm sorry I didn't get your predictions. Oh that's rite you didn't make them. Guess your just here to criticize. Buckshot

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      • Why on earth would I make predictions frequently? Why when I own something would I try to sell it, on a message board? Ask yourself, Tosh, why don't you and most others long here not do what Foulger does.

        BTW, I gave a "possible scenario" earlier today. Did you miss that? Does it mean anything whether you did or did not ? Who the hell cares?

        [ Eth, I'm not competing here with a 'See who can ask the most questions in a single post.']

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