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  • egegeg777 egegeg777 Oct 11, 2011 9:11 PM Flag

    CEL = 15.62 USD, after the earnings announcement results - SOON.

    I'm going to expose you 11 major problems that I believe you should know about CEL, I'll explain why In my humble opinion CEL is going to 15.62$ in a few weeks.

    1) Competition is HERE and NOW and MORE is coming - these days there are 3 big cellular companies at Israel, 3 virtual are getting in at the next few weeks and other 2 with a separated infrastructure at about a month – The Market is saturated already and every person has a cell phone at Israel this days – which means that every company will get 20%-40% decrease from its current cake portion – the incomes will divide into 8 companies!!! Now there are ONLY 3 (cellcom, Partner and Pelephone).

    2) The Competition got the companies to lower their prices MUCH lower from last month's sometimes 20%-40%.

    3) Regulations:
    A. "Nituk Zika" - which means people gets the refunds for the Cell phone device even if the device was bought outside of the company – there are two loses from this regulation to Cellcom, first no incomes from devices (which was most of the profit for last two quarters!!!) and second a refund for voice calls which gets the RPU much lower than expected. – this regulation were published at the TV shows and showed how to purchase the device outside of the cellular company and get sometimes 2-3 times the price they paid as a Refund from the cellular company.

    B. "Kisuriot" – which means – no more connection fees from other cellular companies when uses the neighbor's network again - MUCH Less incomes.

    4) Big Loans interest burden – pays much more interest for getting the financing for the activity of the company.

    5) Abroad fees are DOWN – I guess 50%-70% from last year – This days people use SMARTPHONES, last year when people took their Cell phone to vacations they paid MUCH more than this days that people took their SMARTPHONES and used Wii-Fii at everywhere to connect to applications that allows FREE Unlimited Voice/Text/Video communication.

    6) The ILS/USD situation from last year to this days, the Dollar is much higher this days, Cellcom buys the devices with USD and SELLS it at ILS, could make a Lose situation if they got stocks that makes them sell the devices 2 times higher than the stores at the streets, as mentioned before, the regulations makes the companies GIVE a FULL Refund for the device that bought outside of Cellcom, sometimes 120%-200% times from the regular price.

    7) People waited to get the dividend, and now when they got it, I believe they will get rid of CEL.

    8) No more incomes from content as before - these days applications are downloaded directly thru the Appstore/Android Store and Cellcom doesn't get a crumb from it like before – every step is used true a Credit card and not as before at the Cellcom's invoice – times as changed.

    9) No more growth engines for incomes– I don't see now any new ideas for future.

    10) Warning about profits problems – if I'm right and there will be a problem with the incomes for all the reasons mentioned, Even before the earnings announcement Cellcom could tell the public about it.

    11) I can't see a good reason for a positive way here.

    I'll appreciate your comments before and after the earnings announcement.

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