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  • poto0000 poto0000 Feb 25, 2014 10:09 PM Flag

    QUIZ: What Factor Will Lead To T's Failure To Acquire VOD? (Answer Below: No Cheating)

    A) T's Free Cash Flow is falling and will fall from $11.1 to $9.8 billion next yr; B) T must preserve cash for it's hefty dividend which will total $9.6 billion next yr; C) faced with price wars with wireless rivals T must reserve cash for its Next program; D) Colao's cable purchases will make Randy run for the hills; E) EU regulatory environs is unfriendly toward large M&A; F) T's shares sit near 52 week lows and s/h's are unhappy with a dilution in earnings; G) All of the above.

    Answer: G) All of the above (none of the above was not a choice)

    Let's face it: Randy has already realized dat da doggie is an overbloated flea infested canine whose leg
    T no longer wants to hump!

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    • Why? Verizon deal is done. No power on earth can prevent it.

    • LOL Knew I would flush out the tuuurd burglar with that big bump. :-)

      A)Cash flow is tighter as T has a pinnacle year of infrastructure build as it works through 4G upgrades. Read and you would know but likely you know and are still here to cause FUD.
      B)T dividend is safe. Do your DD
      C)T-Mob just said they aren't in a price war. This whole pricing change is a smoke and mirrors started by none other than T-Mob. All that has changed is you get a lower bill but the phone carrier no longer subsidizes you phone purchase. You want a phone purchase? That will be a separate contract for 2 years.
      D)Bloomberg has conflicting reports vs the WSJ piece. My guess is they don't want to have to pay more premiums for assets with earnings vs. cash on the balance sheet which doesn't return a profit!
      E)Stephenson has been meeting with the EU head very recently and yet they still indicated their thesis for entering the EU market has not changed since he met with Kroes.
      F)T shares are within a two year trading range that is mostly covered from $32-35. Shareholders are a little hesitant on an EU move but the issue of earnings stagnation is exactly why they need growth markets. EU, India, et al will provide such.
      G)All of the above you listed is nothing more than pure garbage.

      WSJ and Bloomberg articles indicate quite the opposite. Believe WSJ was just a flare shot to keep the VOD asset base from becoming so large that T would not be able to buy the whole enchilada. The shot also means T is going to have to defecate or get off the pot real soon as VOD looks at acquisitions.

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