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  • pg135788 pg135788 Apr 3, 2011 8:25 AM Flag

    RXII hit rock bottom at the last funding

    @ $1.40 they could not fetch anymore money. So I think the BOD comes up with this change of direction and acquire a broke small biotech company to start the pumping machine up again (since there is a small amount of shares outstading)our director Thievsman knows he can count on his contacts to do more raises to keep the salaries and perks going for another year or so. I think Noah was a legit guy who got dupped by the bod and you know who.

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    • followtheprophet Apr 3, 2011 11:31 AM Flag

      i stand corrected.

      u r no where near a long-term holder. i failed to see ur strong sell sentiment.

      k. we'll see what what happens next week. my bet is on a short-term pop.


    • followtheprophet Apr 3, 2011 11:25 AM Flag

      "followtheprophet. I'm always a little suspicious of first time posters such as yourself."

      understandable. i suppose i would be too.

      "Are you sure you're not really saying that you're a daytrader who took a short term position based on the merger news in hopes that the stock will be 'supported' after the merger?"

      if by daytrader u mean an active trader who's in/out same day then no, i am not a daytrader. my usually hold for only a couple of days unless things appear to gross go south on me and i exit by day's end. yes, i am nearly 100% of the time long. i would love to short some of the stocks i watch at times but more often than not, they are not shortable with my broker. maybe one day i'll open an account with Goldmann and crack into the ability to short some of these with their resources.

      and no, i did not buy based on merger news. i usually don't catch the news till after i enter a position; my trades are strictly technical-based.

      "I'm just somewhat amused that all you talk about is short term stock price. Do you know anything whatsoever about the either RXI or Aphtera? The history of either company and their respective 'managements'?"

      no. i have to admit ignorance. truth be told, i don't care as i am not a long-term holder. you may hate people like me for that. sorry. but people like myself do add liquidity if nothing else.

      we all do what we do best. if u have a talent finding under appreciated/valued then tip of the hat to you and i wish u the best with rxii. who knows, u may be proven right and that would be vedry good, for both u and all other long-term holders. who am i to fault that?

    • Oh yeah?

      The people at Apthera accepted 4.8 million shares because they bet that this will go to $5. At that time, 4.8 million shares multiply by $5 is not bad.

      RXII now have new promoters (Apthera shareholders) on our side now. They will make sure that RXII will go back to its fair value so that they get the fair share for the merger too.

      And by the way, the articles from TheStreet.Com and AlphaSeeking out on Friday would give investors some insight on why RXII is extremely undervalued too.

      Remember, this stock fall from around $4 even after relentless data on Rnai development due to shorting an mainuplation. Now, the game is changing, shorts will stampede to cover before it goes back to $5.

      If you listened to me last weekend, you would have been in good position. But you did not, so you will have to cover at a very high price.

      Mark my post again!

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