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  • boilrocket boilrocket Mar 22, 2012 11:03 AM Flag

    Price target $50

    1# CANCER DRUG with 5 BILLION IN ANNUAL SALES..SHOULD BE $50.00 STOCK. This is based on my own investigation of available information. The volume seen here can only be the institutions jumping in for the ride up. Small fish and even large individual investors can't create this kind of interest.

    This will be a top gainer in 2012 IMO

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    • Seeking Alpha article says it all get in and ride it long to Large gains :-)

    • smallcap73, I think this one is safe to dream about. This level of buying opportunity will be long gone come tomorrow morning.

      I see this crossing much higher than most think in the coming weeks of March and April. Longer than that it should be the $50 stock of 2012

    • I use money flow technical analysis and watch volume and today the volume will be higher at the close then yesterday. This means interested parties and "YES" in this case institutions are still loading up. It's nice when you can join them like this. This volume being high will not just turn off so look for continued strong up moves in the morning for about the next few weeks with some pauses. No pause come tomorrow morning though because the volume is still getting stronger.

      Easy for all to see. Check it yourselves. Nice post above friend

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      • The fact is GALE has a late-stage drug that treats breast cancer, and has shown incredible results. Phase III drug, NeuVax is said to be able to generate enough interest and sales in the future to move GALE shares to at minimum a $50 per.

        GALE is growing stronger. It's popping bigger, falling less, and trading with higher volume. In addition, it's occurring more frequently... I hope all enjoy larger gains over the next few months. This is the best stock trading today.

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