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  • docihi docihi Apr 7, 2012 2:17 PM Flag

    I own a little

    but way too much pumping of this stock.

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    • Do you know why?

      There are a lot of lazy speculators who bought Gale shares recently. In their fantasy, they want to earn fast money without spending effort and time to conduct proper DD on NeuVax or on Gale.

      So, all they can do is to chant and wish Gale's stock price will move up in a hurry so that they can reap profits in a hurry in their "dream world".

      Well, in the real world, it does not usually happen this way. Frequently, those serious investors who work hard in conducting proper DD and are willing to take calculated risks will be rewarded.

      Keep on dreaming speculators and never wake up.

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      • Yes, you guys are correct, but remember when you read posts, make a distinction between pumpers and educators. Pumpers often exxagerate, and go crazy posting. It is pretty easy to figure them out and their lack of credibility. Educators on the other hand, are actually I guess you could say a good pumper. Those post facts, and do not overdo their posting. I felt compelled on Thursday to attempt to do this, posting far more than I usually do, but I was hoping to get the spooked people to understand before selling out for big losses. By the way, I passed out a heads up on IBIO last thursday, not pumping it, because it does not need pumping. Volume exploded, important news out monday, catalyst around May1. I suggest yall check it out, let me know what you think, GLTA

    • I think everyone is just excited about the great potential of their investments in this one. I'm excited also since I slowly last year build up a large position. Yet, no amount of pumping is going to make it go up faster. You are right...way too much pumping, and too much spam also. The biggest problem is all the bashing. Mr. Wildwest posts so much it causes a lot of good stuff to go off the first page. I could put him on ignore, but some of his post and the responses make for interesting reading. I don't buy or sale on anything I read here on this MB. Just give me the facts and a link to it. If GALE goes to market and the SP goes as high as some think I'll be retiring in style. I'm LONG!

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