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  • panalta2000 panalta2000 Apr 10, 2012 9:17 PM Flag

    When did GALE say they would present updated 2012 ASCO results?

    Did they confirm that or is it just speculation they will.

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    • thanks for the coming feedback ! Happy trails

    • Ok, so it looks like they will be presenting at ASCO:
      "The company will present 48-month data at the ASCO meeting regarding the long-term durability of NeuVax. This could help prove breast cancer to be a maintenance disease that includes boosters every six months, which would be good for patients and give GALE much stronger commercial opportunities. " (according to Brian Nichols on SA).

      I haven't seen any direct confirmation from Galena about this, though. Can anyone confirm this?

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      • flemish

        this is your 4/10 post:

        "Indeed - I admit that my previous post may have come across as implying that there definitely would be news (about NeuVax) at ASCO, which wasn't my intention. To clarify: I am going to ASCO (for work-related reasons), I am looking forward to seeing what is presented (in general), and am hoping (but most likely in vain) that there might be at least a poster about NeuVax there. Even if there is no direct news (which is somewhat likely), it is certainly not inconceivable that GALE will receive a boost due to the general ASCO 'halo' effect and the renewed interest in novel anti-cancer approaches that it tends to bring with it.
        Anyway, we'll see.. I'm in this for the long run, so not too concerned with near term movements."

        the sa article is a lie, or it is revealing information that has not been made available to the public. a google search, search of the roche website, asco website, gale website, make no reference to presentation of data at asco 2012. asco abstracts will not be made public until 5/16.

    • Thank you kindly.

      We need a lot more nice Gale investors like you on this message board.

      Bashers, pumpers, shorts, day-traders etc...learn from flemishchainsaw and be contructive for a change!!!

    • Good question - I believe it is just speculation at this point. I'm hoping for at least a poster to be exhibited at ASCO, though you are right that there may not be any news as such. They are not on the exhibitor list, ie they won't have a booth in the exhibitor hall (which is not surprising).

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