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  • scotttuffydog scotttuffydog Dec 10, 2012 10:23 AM Flag

    What insider is leaking information on upcoming positive news

    It 's the third time where positive news is about to come out and some prck comes out with some #$%$ story. The price drops ,then whomever is accumulating shares then they sells on the news. Somebody from the inside is leaking upcoming positive news. That's my conspiracy theory

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    • Hello a second time Scotty: always good to "speak" with you. When it comes to being "naive," believe me, i take that prize hands down. After being in the market (since 1980), after being immersed in its activities, including being a Market Maker (aroiund 1982), I remain almost totally naive of many of the markets' activities. My ability to anticipate, especially that which is successfully accomplished by the "rotten" manipulators is limited. I just can't bring myself to "think as they do." There are plenty of folks who possess neither honor nor ethics and who will cheat at the expense of others and will laugh all the way to their bank accounts. We who try to 'play by the rules' and who seek to identify viable potentials before the "experts" identify those viabilities, and we who try not to exaggerate and who wish NOT to lie, the truth is that we often wonder where we've gone wrong in our decision-making (when it comes to these market matters), when in fact we've done nothing wrong. Imagine the life of an Adam F or others who post the many lies and mis-directions here. Have these guys sit down with a shrink and you'll really get to know some humanoid SLIME. But for you or for me to "think" and to anticipate how Slime "thinks" or acts - happy to say it's nearly impossible. Bottom line for US in relation with a stock such as GALE: buy and hold and whatever you do, do NOT react to the lumps and the bumps along the way. How to most appropriately totally and absolutely infuriate the heck out of the Slime Element? BUY AND HOLD!!!! GALE is a tremendously worthy candidate for the simple yet effective BUY and HOLD! Oh and yes, please add a slight sprinkling of PATIENCE... All the best to you ScottyFriend...

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    • I don't know but I keep getting taken to the wood pile on this one. I was looking to buy more under 2 dollas then the lieca new came out and I pulled the triger to soon. Lieca does not make junk medical equipment. If they are producing the dio equipent then it must be a sure win for approvel. I don't get it. I think I'm just going to keep buying the dips and rotating out some of the longs. #$%$

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    • Possible if true, it's not fair to holders. To be honest, I thought about that.

      Sold to keep pps under $3.00.
      I would like to know who sold.

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    • Keep sniffing around you old scotty dog - your theory must be right at least some of the time because that theory has been around since the start of that which we know of as "the Market." For generations the rule among traders has been: "Buy on Rumor, Sell on News!!!" I respect where you're coming from, but i'm afraid "your" theory actually belongs to the "Market place." Oh, as far as "leaks," those have been around since the first time some old man stood up, pulled out his dong, did what is natural, and decided to call it a "leak." But i still like your Theory and for all we know you might be totally correct???

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      • I hear you Dan. Are you telling me in a nice way i'm being naive on the way the market works? LOL I agree with what you said, but this seems so obvious. About the naked short selling. I don't how many day it takes for the transaction to be labeled as " failed to deliver " But based on NYSE statistics most are covered within 10 days., some take longer. The SEC doesnt give a cr#p unless they see a high number of "failed to deliver". Is it short selling or naked short selling. I dont know. Good to hear from you though

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