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  • tradingexpert4me tradingexpert4me Dec 10, 2012 8:45 PM Flag

    AWESOME MANIPULATION continues here. Smart Money has numerous buy limits here all the way

    down to a buck. Can't see any reason whatsoever to buy shares here over the $1.50 per share offered at last DILUTION.

    Amazing how many "BAG HOLDERS" this companies stock has created with all those chasing the moon on pops.

    Again, smart money here sees this companies stock as a TRADING STOCK and nothing more until perhaps late next year when the REAL GAME CHANGER here is released. Yep, PHASE III interim data.

    TRADERS here are the ones who have made a "KILLING" here, not the BUY HOLD IDIOTS who chase the pop highs and end up selling for a loss and moving on.


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    • God I admire your intellect. Just had to break the news to the wife and kids about how stupid I am. I am buying and holding Gale. Now last month I bought ACAD 13560shares @2.22 and sold later #$%$85. Bought 10k of psdv last summer and sold for 1.30 higher but for some reason my DD tells me that rather than buy and sell Gale I will accumulate. Now I find some stock that you just want to be a part of. Sure you can buy and sell Gale it goes up and down. The key is it goes up. You guys amaze me with your micro strategy. Gale began 2012 @.49 is now pushing and piercing 2.00. Tremendous growth yet you guys swear it is not a buy and hold. You take your position and I'll use mine. At the end of the year I'm sure I'll be satisfied with my meager 361% yield.

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