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  • docihi docihi Jan 28, 2013 9:59 AM Flag

    regarding the sa alpha article and af

    while this is certainly not good news, i wonder if the street, sa, af, etc think that this is the only time this has happened on the sa site? Seeking Alpha says it tries to minimize the risks by holding anonymous authors to the same compliance and biographical standards as contributors who write under their own name. "Seeking Alpha also insists on knowing the real identity of anonymous authors even as that information is withheld publicly." "In this case, Seeking Alpha's safeguards broke down."
    so the stock that propthink, the street, af, etc shorted prior their hit job, for which gale sued and the lawsuit was settle out of court, has now been the subject of a "breakdown". i wonder if sa looks as hard at other authors - those that they haven't shorted.

    the author is guilty of fraud(?). sa has retrospectively looked at sa articles pertaining to gale, again, after their "hit job/shorting of the stock. while the authors' actions are reprehensible, if someone writes multiple favorable articles under different aliases about goog or xom, for example, does that mean that those companies are not good investments?

    they are trying very, very hard and i wonder if cramer, et al shorted on friday?

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