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  • danindenver33 danindenver33 Mar 10, 2013 1:27 PM Flag

    On this Quiet Sunday.... Contemplations for this coming week . .

    Dear "Regulars:" For those of us who cherish the Truth, who stand for Honest Disclosures, and who choose to rely upon Published Data, for all these reasons of HONOR, we owe it to ourselves to say: "A Job Well Done!!!" We have been effective in presenting Relevant Truths surrounding NeuVax and GALE, while at the same time also effectively addressing the banter of the bashers and of the liars who once dominated this Board. BUT OUR QUEST for OBJECTIVITY is NOT at its End Point. We must continue to assert ourselves againg and Again and AGAIN. If we "rest our case," we shall yield to demogogary, to deceit, to injustices of the Shorts' interests, only to witness the unraveling of our efforts. And as sure as the sun shall rise over the Asian Markets and then over the European Markets, and finally upon our own domestic US/Canadian Markets within the next hours, we can also BE SURE the Short Interests will Not capitulate on their dire efforts. Forget everything else, there are many many millions of dollars at stake here. Shorting can be extremely painful if the underlying stock manages to triumph! Very Painful indeed!!! They will be out in force! They will be on the attack! They will attempt to assert as never before! Expect this for it is as true as the next rising of the sun. They are confronted by huge potential losses. AND THEY ARE NOT STUPID!!! Momentum has been ours for several trading sessions, DO NOT allow the past few days of our measured success to cloud your respect for the "other side" and for their willingness and capacity to be disruptive and seriously destructive (and highly manipulative) of the NeuVax and GALE efforts AND OF THE TRUTH!!!

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    • Many thanks dan, best keep our eyes focused on the important matters. It is very easy for me to dismiss the "disruptive and manipulative" attempts to sway that focus. I also believe that any serious investor in Galena feels as I do. Your diligence in keeping this board informed and tuned in to the facts is greatly appreciated by all..................

    • Danindenver33:

      Thank you very much for you encouragement to soldier with the NeuVax truth. We are standing on high and solid biotech and moral grounds.

      I know, as well as you, that NeuVax has the strong potential and capability to save the lives of millions of breast cancer victims worldwide.

      There are bashers who presented a long list of current or old medications which had been developped to treat cancer. But, they are by no means treatment solutions to fight cancer. If one cares to check out these drugs, one will find that these current one old drugs are no competition to NeuVax. Over time, these drug have been proven the following results:

      (1) Most of them only work for a short period of time (at best 2 or 3 more years) and then the breast cancer will return and finally killed the victims.

      (2) These old drugs give the victims terrible side effects so that the victims suffer a terrible decline of "quality of life" during and after treatment.

      (3) Some of these old drugs are so expensive that render victims in serious financial problems if they choose to receive such treatments.

      Now, here is the power of NeuVax which other breast cancer medications cannot compete:

      (1) NeuVax is completely safe and it does not give rise to unbearable side effect during or after treatment. So that it does not reduce the quality of life of those who receive NeuVax treatment.

      (2) NeuVax can prevent breast cancer from returning with a high degree of success.

      (3) NeuVax is reasonably affordable.

      I stand on guard of Gale and NeuVax for two reasons:

      (A) I like to see that NeuVax can save so many lives!

      (B) I like to see NeuVax prove the bashers completely wrong!

      Very Strong Buy!


    • GALE

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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