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  • kyornov kyornov Apr 10, 2013 11:57 AM Flag

    Do you remember the people who were telling you to sell when GALE was 1.50 and 2.00 LOL

    Now same paid indian teenagers hired by short hedge funds say to you sell at 2.25

    a month from now they will tell you to sell at 3.00
    then 4.00 , then 5.00 and so on

    they are too desperate

    short hedge funds must cover 10 million shares and they know they are f..d

    they mess with the wrong stock and the wrong crowd

    one way or another this stock will see double digits

    it is also great buyout target for big pharma

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • LOL ya I kept saying I know something is good if there is a lot of bashing.

    • best biopharma stock to be in right now

      it has extreme potential, it should be at least $5 by now

      take over target and any good FBP or NeuVax results will triple or quadruple the share price

      double digits soon

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Welcome back, Kyornov!

      You have always been a very positive supporter of Gale.

      Oh yes! I do remember clearly that not too long ago there were several "Negative Writers" on this message board using tactics to confuse and scare investors to sell and stay away from buying and holding Gale shares.

      I know that you have done some good jobs to prevent those negative writers from spreading their lies!

      Let us not allow ourselves to drop our guards!

      Very Strong Buy of Gale Shares and hold!!!


      • 1 Reply to stockwatcher888

        yes I was out for a long and well deserved vacation. I checked the old messages and looks like hired bashers finally realize they messed with wrong crowd ha.
        I am guessing they are fired since more they bashed more the gale went up.
        glad to see there are smart GALE believers and defenders kick them out from these boards.
        A lot of new investors come these boards to learn and get ideas and hear other investors' opinions.
        I added some at 2.00 and I will add incrementally.

        I was in ARNA at $1.60 and sold at $12.90
        and GALE's potential is 10 times more than ARNA

        and I know this stock will see double digits. this is the next big biopharma play and Institutions are starting to pile in. I hope they will not be acquired before seeing $10
        just need patience , that's all

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

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