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  • f.orlowski f.orlowski Oct 1, 2013 5:38 PM Flag

    Abstral "Official" Launch

    I personally do not believe it happened today. For a company the size of Galena BioPharma The official launch of their first product is big news. One would assume that they would even post this on their homepage. If you look it will not be found. My assumption is that Galena did not launch today due to the US government shutdown. With Abstral already on store shelves and patients able to purchase there is no reason why Galena would have to launch on a certain day.

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    • f.orlowski. What about a scenario like this. No announcement from the company on Abstral launch until 3rd quarter earnings come out. Why? Abstral has earnings from actually being launched in the 3rd quarter??? Silent announcement! If pharmacies have it on their shelves already, somebody had to buy it or do they stock their shelves an then get paid when a customer purchases from the pharmacy

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      • @cdaniel - thanks for your note. The PR will come out this week, we need to be patient. If you need to hear it from Galena just write to Remy B. - his information can be found at the bottom of past PRs.

        @civic - grow up youngster. I suggest you write to Tom Cohen (CNN) on his piece tonight titles, "No progress seen from White House meeting on shutdown" - go ahead and give him #$%$' on his non-use of PARTIAL.

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    • article posted in wall street journal mentioning launch of abstral

    • I'm not sure where you get your information from but the government did not "shut down". What happened is that the BLOATED THEFT FROM THE KLEPTOCRATS posing as ELECTED OFFICIALS have unconstitutionally declared war against the American people and the architects of this country, so because the EXECUTIVE cannot relent the power of the purse by CONGRESS, UNESSENTIAL government agencies and functions have been TEMPORARILY closed down. There have been 17 of these SLIM DOWNS since 1976. At least the "presidents" dog walker can stay on the job and the five chefs that the White House employs can also stay on the job. Veterans though... you can go to hell in a handbasket. Oh and did I mention that at least the NSA can keep spying on Americans? They NSA today opened up their 2BILLION$ "data center" in the Nevada Dessert. So all this talk about a "shut down" is a total farce and rubish. May the government permanently SHUT DOWN for the next 40 years so we can pay back the debt they accrued for failed services no one really wants. But since this will not happen, you can expect a complete stock market crash and an economic collapse unlike ever seen on this planets history. This stock or any other for that matter will not matter to any retail investor at that point. To worry about a 5% swing in GALE is a wasted effort in breath and time.

      GLTAU. Best investment you can make right now is to pick up a constitution and hold it up to all the Federal workers that will be checking in on you Soviet Style...

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    • it has NOT happened yet. When it does, they have to put out a PR to let us know. I posted the article from today's Wall St Journal article earlier today. Here is the first paragraph. READ IT very carefully and you will see.

      Boston, MA 10/01/2013 (wallstreetpr) – After the successful launch of NeuVax drug, Galena Biopahrma Inc (NASDAQ:GALE) is all set to launch Abstral in the US drug market. For the US launch of Abstral, Galena has collected a total amount of $37 million from a share offering. Abstral is a sublingual drug for reducing cancer pain. This efficient drug was developed originally by Orexo Pharmaceuticals but Galena acquired the distribution rights to sell Abstral in the US back in march. Abstral is the first andonly fentanyl tablet that efficiently helps fighting cancer pain in the opioid tolerant patients.

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    • Interesting perspective.

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