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  • techblondie32 techblondie32 Oct 7, 2013 3:13 PM Flag

    Crybabies What did I tell you when it spiked to 2.50 ? Its going down! you morons didnt listen. Now look at you


    Its been downtrending ever since, stop wishing and start paying attention to the charts. There was a mega spike you idiots. You always sell into the spike, learn that lesson for the future, dont listen to paid pumpers. THEY GET PAID TO PUMP. You dont try to catch a falling knife either, you identify the floor and use that as a premise to scale in. Now thank me when you make your money back which you lost by being oblivious to reality and not listening to me and listening to pumpers instead.

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    • You are wrong - it's that simple. It could just as easily gone to $3.00 with additional news; and no chart would have predicted it. "Charts" on biotech's (especially small biotech's) with products in trials are news/trial-update driven; charts don't mean sht; hence, the volatility and peaks/valleys. Charts may apply to the Big Pharma's because they are fairly entrenched in their current pipelines, unless patents are about to expires, then they become more volatile until they buy a new small biotech company to shore-up their future pipelines.....such as GALE. Charts are fine for retail/consumer sectors, automotive sectors, precious metals, etc...., but not small biotech's as they are less predictable/more volitale.

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    • It does not take an analyst to predict that drop. thats what this stock does and it iwll continue to do this until it gets over the 3.50 mark. most of us believe in the drugs and are long term investors so we DO NOT CARE.

    • jkgeneva Oct 7, 2013 8:08 PM Flag

      Hey creep.. as much as you may be correct in your opinions, what the heII is the matter with you?.. what's with the 5th grade mentality and comments?.. Go away--

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    • Hey Moron....some folks are here for the long term investment and others as traders. So don't be an #$%$ and think the world should have the same strategy as you! I'm very satisfied to sit on my shares until it hits the mid $4's and take my profit and put some of it into options for the long term bet.

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