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  • indulgeron indulgeron Nov 10, 2013 2:02 PM Flag

    Off topic . . .

    As a Viet. Vet. I am a little saddened that the stock market is apparently open on Monday. Matter of principle.

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    • God Bless, my Dad and Mother were in Vietnam. My Mother is at the nurses vietnam memorial this weekend. I am very proud. I am digusted of how stupid most of the american population is that doesn't even respect vets today. Especially you all who were treated like garbage in Vietnam. I live in New Mexico and work in Santa Fe, Santa Fe is filledwith all the dirt bag hippies who are now old who hated the vets. I work in LE and do what I can do make their lives miserable. lol
      I really admire all vets , especially the folks from Nam. Glad to see their is respect on here. Hopefully we get a president who doesn't hate the military in the next election.

    • I am also a veteran of the Viet Nam era and am proud and humbled that so many now appear to appreciate our service, although it was a long time coming. No offense was intended by the stock market being open today and I take no offense where none was intended..

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    • Thank you for your service to our country. One of the things the vets fought for is our freedom. We have the control of our own money and we exercise that control through our own personal investments. Like the veteran, our stock market makes our country strong through the investments of our free people. God Bless America!

    • My hat goes off to all vets. I lost a cousin in Vietnam and for what little it helps, I ALWAYS buy at least one poppy when I see vets selling them at the grocery stores and wear them proudly. In fact, at times I have difficulty seeing out of my rear-view mirror and sun visors in my truck because I have so many wrapped around them. Thank you for your service and for protecting us.

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    • There are already more holidays than there are days on the calendar. I heard that the government is looking to add a couple of more months so that groups will not have to share the same dates. I am a vet and it doesn't bother me one bit if anyone recognizes us. What gets to me is that now all vets are heroes. I think they are using that word very loosely. Many of todays vets are making good money for doing a job. The chose to service and my guess the vast majority serve to provide for themselves and their families not for country. I served because I had a choice between serving or prison. That doesn't make me a hero. Also, illegals are joining our military in droves because the pay if far greater than they can make anywhere else in the world. They aslo know that after their tour they can file (on average) 14 disability claims and draw a fat check for the rest of their lives. That has to stop. Now go ahead and tell me what a butt I am for speaking my mind and telling the truth.

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      • Razor, you made a choice to serve and that commands respect, IMO. As for many Vets making a good living, I'm very happy for that. I don't think it matters so much why you do something, you just do it. My only gripe is why we need an excellent organization like "Wounded Warriors"? This country should look after those who put their life (and body) on the line for it. I applaud Wounded warriors for the support and caring service they offer and I thank all Vets, heroes or not..

    • Agree, not much respect, reckon$$$ is more important. I put 18 months in over there, wasn't a lot of respect then nor now.

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