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  • yngwie_malmsteen32 yngwie_malmsteen32 Mar 4, 2014 8:19 AM Flag

    Seeking Alpha amateur short SHAWN VINCENT, PHD, author of yesterday#$%$ piece...


    Shawn Vincent is CEO of a company that wrote the hit piece for shorts yesterday on Seeking alpha... and the following is taken from his own StockTwits words, under "shawnvincentphd". And as a reminder... it just takes two more years of college to go from BS to PHD. And I quote: "I am a newbie trader living in New Orleans. Looking to learn fundamental and technical analysis.

    $BAC how has this bank not imploded under its own weight?"

    So, these posts less than a year ago, admitting being an amateur, and predicting imminent demise of certain companies still very much around like Bank of America. He walks the line between illegal fraud and legal doubt discussions about any or all companies. The man likes nothing. I cannot post the link... Yahoo will not post the link. It is on StockTwits and the posts are under his name. He is EnhydrisPECorp, the author of the Seeking Alpha article. This one may actually bite him in the #$%$... except that he incorporated himself... meaning the lawsuits would be against his corporation... not him... and he has insulated his #$%$ets from his slanderous enterprise.

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    • wwwDOTnvsilverflumeDOTgov\businessSearch

      Enhydris Private Equity, Inc. was dissolved as of 12/16/2013 and is no longer in business.
      initial stock was 75,000 shares of no par value, with total authorized capital of $0.00.

      The registered Agent for this Corp. is Robert C. Harris. There are some 2,700 plus other entities he is registered agent for, many of whose names have been revoked, whatever that means.

      On the linkedin entry for Shawn Vincent PhD he states he was ceo for 5 years at Enhydris Private Equity. (from 2009).

      On the link you posted articles of incorporation are from 2012 ?

      Am i missing something ?

    • The authority are looking for sHORTY's Shawn Vincent phd.

      Shawn Vincent, a Ph.D., is 30 years old. He's facing hard time in the Big Easy. Police caught Vincent in an internet sting, the first one staged with the US Secret Service, targeting suspects seeking sex with minors.

      "Mr. Vincent contacted our detective who was pretending to be a 14-year-old girl," said Deputy Toby Aguillard, Tangipahoa Parish Sheriff's Department.

      After building a web chat room relationship, police say Vincent "later arranged to meet with what he thought was a child for the purpose of a sexual encounter."

      Police arrested three other men in the same sweep. A neighbor of the suspect said he seemed like a nice guy. "I would not have thought anything like that about him," said the neighbor.

      At the Kokomo apartments where Vincent lived during the school year, neighbors were concerned. "I wouldn't want him out here. I wouldn't want him around. My kids are on the computer a lot and I wouldn't want them to be around that at all."

      "It surprises me a teacher would do something like that. It's amazing our kids are going to school and being surrounded by people like that," said another neighbor.

      Professor Vincent was on staff at IU Kokomo starting last fall. He was invited to return this fall under a new contract.

      "It's something the campus takes very seriously and we'll do whatever we can to protect it," said IU-Kokomo Vice Chancellor Paul Nowak.

      Nowak says the anatomy professor, who spent the last four summers in Japan studying a family of reptiles, will be the focus of an internal investigation by the university that will determine if he's allowed to return to campus. Nowak said, "We take the safety and security of campus and our students and the community very seriously."

      Louisiana police say they warn parents summer is an especially vulnerable time for kids. They're home from school and may spend more time online. It's a good time for parents to monitor their activity.

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    • This was on a PRAN MB. Not sure if it is the same Shawn Vincent or not. But makes you wonder why a Biotech PhD of such grandeur is living in the phillipines.

      Does Shawn Vincent = Shawn Vincent?
      Today's negative Seeking Alpha article about Prana has internal weaknesses aplenty, but the author isn't listed by name in the by-line. The name given is "EnhydrisPECorp". Click on that name in the by-line and it brings up more detailed info on the author, listing him as one Shawn Vincent, Ph.D, former CEO of Enhydris Private Equity, who describes himself thus:
      "I have a background in A&P, genetics, cellular biology, developmental biology, clinical trials, statistical analysis, and business development. I have owned multiple businesses, taught on the collegiate level, and currently work as an independent biotech consultant."
      Now google the following phrase: "IU-Kokomo professor arrested in New Orleans for child solicitation eyewitness news" This will take you to a bunch of news stories from July 2009. The WTHR Eyewitness News article shows a mugshot of the suspect, one Shawn Vincent, Ph.D, assistant professor of anatomy at Indiana University, Kokomo. Dr. Vincent was charged with soliciting sex from a Secret Service agent who was posing online as a 14-year-old girl. Now google "Shawn Vincent Ph.D Philippines biotechnology linkedin" to find the LinkedIn page of Shawn Vincent, Ph.D, former CEO or Enhydris Private Equity. There's a single gap in his resume, from July 2008 to May 2009. Next, go back to the WTHR article and note that the suspect began working at IU Kokomo in the fall of 2008. He was invited to return for the 2009/2010 school year. After the end of the 2009 school year (presumably late May 2009), the suspect returned to his hometown of New Orleans to spend the summer. That's where he was caught by the Secret Service sting operation.... Is the Shawn Vincent in Seeking Alpha the same Shawn Vincent busted in New Orleans in 2009?

    • Shawn Vincent in his article yesterday made some accusations that should get him sued... or his company that he hides behind... he writes through the EnhydrisPECorp name... not himself... so if he gets sued... the empty shell gets the bill... which he can just bankrupt and fork over the five dollars it's probably worth... that bogus company EnhydrisPECorp...

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    • yup. agree. Shawn Vincent of Seeking Alpha short article is an idiot.

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    • What about the author of today's pump puff piece that had nothing new, just the same ole DreamTeam bull, are you going to scrutinize his credentials, because you are so concerned about being fair and balanced? I didn't think so!

    • Up.

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    • on Yahoo... the words "yesterday's" and "hit piece" cannot appear together... because they form a slang word for feces with a space between the s and the hit.

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