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  • truthbtoldhonest truthbtoldhonest Jan 9, 2013 9:46 AM Flag

    When Nebraska Gov approves Keystone pipeline we jump to $56

    and when State Department approves go higher to $62 and then when Obama approves we hit $77 a share and keep climbing. These are conservative estimates but many here think TRP could be a $100 stock by mid to end of year.

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    • Really crazy ideas. Since most people expect approval, it is mostly priced in already. Apart from which TRP returns over the past year have corresponded fairly well to those of ENB, and there was no significant drop when keystone was first denied.
      Approval is good for a 5% jump, tops.

      "many here think TRP could be a $100 stock by mid to end of year."
      where, in the mental asylum? Find any analyst who says anything like that. Come on, just one.

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      • Your missing the point. Transcanada current share price is not based on Keystone pipeline approval. The company stock price is based on current work and new billion dollar oil and natural gas pipeline deals the company has booked over the last few weeks/months. The Keystone pipeline is a 50 - 50 up in the air deal. So the first poster was correct in stating that if the Keystone pipeline is approved by the President, then the stock could jump way higher. $75 easy and possibly into the $80 to $90 range. If anything the uncertainly of the Keystone pipeline outcome is holding the stock down. Which means its way undervalued. Come March/April TRP will be trading in the $60 to $70 range, so breaking news of Keystone pipeline approval could very well send the stock near $100 a share. Though I'm thinking more $85 range.

    • I agree that the things look very good going forward. If Obama wanted to stop TransCanada from building the Keystone pipeline he would of done that last year. Instead he said he would hold off his decision pending the Nebraska review and he also gave TransCanada the green light to build the lower half the the Keystone pipeline in Oklahoma, Texas, etc. Add all these other huger contracts TRP is lining up and it seems the stock is heading way higher.

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