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  • billwilson1804 Jan 10, 2013 8:52 PM Flag

    End to Socialized costs

    From health care of children downstream to asthma's to destroyed water, land and air more and more people will be working to insure that any money be chaneled into paying for the damages from TarSands and KeystoneXL. Leaving the TarSands in the ground will be seen as the best alternative as people from the South join people in the North to confront this narrow industry profit to a few at the expense of many. When investors deny the global warming warnings of key scientists that building the KeystoneXL means game over for control of global warming you should realize your profits come at the expense of others and is at least unethical if not criminal in nature.

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    • Yeah, US has tons of energy alternatives, much better to burn coal, ship by rail or transport trucks...that will reduce green house gasses opposed to state of the art pipe lines. Wake up GOOF! No more replying to your silly comments. You are no on ignore!

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    • B.S.

    • ok but whats the allturntive? With out fuel there is no socialized anything,the truth the population is to vast to feed without fuel/potash/and I know Im spell this wrong(fertlisers).In the old days people werent heathly died,men in perticale died be in their 50/ a lot of children died at birth and of childhood disease.The truth is with out fuels we would be socilaly be a mess food medice and econicmic prodictive would decline if not collapce. I get it about the pipeline passing over water table that a use for drinking and farming so I agree it shouldnt be buit unless it can be built so it doent pass over the undergroud water.That being said pipeline if operated right are envirtment one of the best ways to move fuels/oil/nat gas. But there are allwas thing thet go wrong spills and breaks but you get that with anyway you move them trucks rail.pipeline use a lot less fuel and have fewer accendents.
      So I would say be careful for what you wish for you might just get it.

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