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  • iraplanna iraplanna Sep 22, 2005 1:37 PM Flag

    "W" and how his world goes round...

    Now that we've learned most all of FEMA's failures in the Katrina fiasco can be laid at President Bush's feet and his political hacks and toadies, it's time to look at a recall, ala California and Governor Grey.
    Six of the top FEMA officials he appointed had no experience in emergency management. They were political appointments. Bush was indebted to them for helping him get elected and other incidental flunky duties.
    Now to further show his contempt for the Katrina survivors, Bush has suspended the provisions of the Davis-Bacon Act, enacted in the mid 1930s, requiring federal contractors to pay the wage rates prevailing in the same locality as the federal project for the various trades and classifications. In this case that would be New Orleans.
    The workers hired by these contractors would naturally be Katrina survivors. But adding insult to injury, Bush says they are not worthy of decent wages and the contractors can dictate the pay scales. The upward influence of union wages makes the prevailing wage rate a decent and livable wage.
    Paying the higher prevailing rate has no negative effect on contractors profits. In fact, in this case it would probably give them more profit, if they bill the government for their cost plus a percentage for their overhead and profit.
    It's perfectly clear "W's constituency is Corporate America and the people of the country can eat cake.
    If balls was music the arrogant bastard would be a brass band.

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