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  • mad1vlad1 mad1vlad1 Mar 29, 2006 10:53 AM Flag

    Giving Guam to Japan

    This seems sublime. Japan has never had
    a legitimate claim to Guam to my knowledge. Spain ceded Guam to the US following their defeat in the Span-Am War in 1896 or so. The US maintains a major Air Force Base (Andersen)
    and a naval facility on Guam; furthermore,
    if you check your Form 1040 instruction booklet, you will see that Guam is a US
    taxation district! That's because Guam
    is a US Territory! Much like Am Samoa
    and USVI. Don't believe everything you
    read or hear.


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    • >>Japan has never had a legitimate claim to Guam

      In the history of war, when was that matter?

      The news article reported that
      1. Japan wants to boot us out of Okinawa;
      2. Bush wants $10B;
      3. Japan wants 200 miles around Guam;
      4. Bush has not rejected that offer.

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      • The issue is not GIVING GUAM to Japan, rather moving U.S. troops located in Okinawa Japan to Guam, and the U.S.'s desire to have Japan pay 75% of the estimate $10Billion it would cost to make this move quickly.

        However you read this one wrong needs to be examined. Drinking before lunch should be something you look into cutting back on at least for the time being!

      • And what war would that be?

        WWII? Perhaps yuou had better look at
        the outcome of WII--it explains why the US
        maintains close to 70K military personnel
        throughout Japan--Yokota, Misawa, Yokuska,
        Sasebo, Iwakuni, Kadena, Naha, etc--and
        not the other way around.

        Oki is approx 350mi from downtown Taipei;
        Guam is about 900mi from downtown Tokyo.
        These distances are approx based on the limits of my Natl Geograph World Map.
        Moreover, Guam claims a 200-mi limit
        in terms of the surrounding ocean.

        The claims in this newspaper appear
        spurious at best.

        From what I understand, the US is
        building (or was entertaining the idea of building) an airbase in the smaller
        islands further south of Oki. I can't
        recall the name of the island but there
        is a cluster of islands owned by Japan
        that are located maybe 150-200mi from
        downtown Taipei.

        Guam is sufficiently distant from
        Taiwan as to compel the use of carrier-
        based aircraft in any conflict in the Taiwan
        Strait. Oki allows the utility of land-based a/c w/ flight time of approx 40min. Guam
        is substantially farther from Taiwan.

        As China becomes more belligerent esp toward
        Japan, it would appear that the hosting of
        US combat forces by Japan would become a
        much more cost-effective alternative to
        spending the smack necessary to upgrade
        Japan's antiquated air and missile forces
        (they still fly F-4s) en masse. Japan's
        attempts at the all-Japanese FX fighter a/c appear to have failed. Last I heard, they
        were having great difficulties w/ the
        propulsion system. That was yrs ago
        however. Buy American!

        Mad Vlad

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