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  • sqzr sqzr Dec 6, 2008 11:40 PM Flag

    Obama Lays Down an Escape Hatch

    Obabma's latest "promise" just before Thanksgiving is to "commit to saving or creating 2.5 million jobs in the next two years"

    Notice the SAVING part of this pledge. This is certainly a meager pledge...since there is little doubt that at some point in the next two years the current downturn will end naturally, and employment will rise back to it previous level. This means that even if he "creates" no new jobs, when job losses stop (as normal in a recession turnaround) he will be claiming victory.

    I'll even bet as troops come home from Iraq on the timeline negotiated by the Bush administration with the now-free Iraqi government, he will also be claiming he met his pledge on that front also...albeit not on his campaign timetable.

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    • When the troops come home, won't the spending on the troops help the economy?

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      • "When the troops come home, won't the spending on the troops help the economy?"

        You know that may be a complicated question. Certainly money that is SPENT is Iraq with Iraqi vendors should be saved, however, it may not be connected with troop strength, but Iraq re-building.

        Money spent directly/indirectly on the troops and their supply, I imagine, mostly already goes to US companies. Troop pay doesn't decline that much.

        Medical cost for troops would go down when combat injuries go down.

        Certainly money spent for expendables (fuel, ammo, etc) will go down, but if its not spent on something else, then its "demand side" value will go away.

        There is also a serious need for the military to rebuild it equipment base, so I doubt much Iraq slow-down "savings" will go anywhere except into other military spending (unless the Lefties really have Obama's ear).

        Also, remember, Obama pledged to significantly step up Afgan operations.

        Don't count on a big Iraq victory windfall.

    • sqzr ponders: <I'll even bet as troops come home from Iraq ...>

      A better bet would be that those troops don't come home from Iraq at all as they head for Afganistan to continue the good fight against terror/taliban/al-queda...

      And some are likely to re-deploy "in the neighborhood" to serve to deter Iran from acting too bold.

      Very few troops should expect to come home for good any time soon. It ain't over 'til it's over...

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