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  • bhenning32 bhenning32 Oct 29, 2010 2:32 PM Flag

    Yes we can

    Can you and Ira explain to me your rational for your statements concerning the tax cuts prompting outsourcing?

    Perhaps Ira can explain his rationale re Tax Cuts prompting outsourcing, I can`t. I was only agreeing with part of his post.Whats prompting outsourcing of American Jobs is the cost of doing business in America is to expensive. However Riddle me this Robin, The Cost of American Workers has always been higher than that of workers or Slaves in other countries.. Why is it suddenly so burdensome to American Corporations. Corpotate America pays far less taxes on money earned in foreign lands so of course thats a plus for them. These Pluses have always been there, the only difference now is Profit has taken 100% precident over people. If were going to continue to allow the Traitorous Un American Corporations to sell America down the river then at least take away the tax breaks we give them so we`re not financing our own demise.

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