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  • yeoman3025 yeoman3025 Oct 19, 2010 11:17 PM Flag

    Ford Motor Plant and the UAW.

    Hey Ira, check out the video at the following address.

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    • Show me where I EVER said I am 100% for 1 party? I agree with you, they(politicians) could give a crap about the average joe.

      Until it effects their family, they just don't care, they live above the BS but if they keep things going they way they are, their grandchildren will NOT be able to escape the legacy they are setting us up for.

    • This is a classical example of biased reporting.

      How much subsidy did Brazil provided?
      Is this factory built aiming at S American market?
      How much is the land value of the factory appreciating?
      What is the ratio of income between the workers?

      Most important of all, does F pay US tax? As a minimum, this factory provides jobs for US managers and engineers.

    • Don't miss the last train to Clarksville, it's very dark at night out there, be very afraid.

    • I suggest you buy all the GM you can :)

      If GM builds overpriced cars that fall apart, I will buy an Asian car and so will everyone else.

      GMs were and are high priced because of union extortion.

      I shave just fine, in the shower, don't need a mirror, know what I am doing without 1 every time.

      9.6% and he thinks stimulus is the answer. Nov 2nd will be funny

      It won`t be funny at all. I`ll tell you what will be funny. First i`m certain that everyone found it quite impressive that you have the ability to shave in the Shower, I still need a mirror. What will be funny though is when DUMMIES like You two finally understand that our Amoral Federal Government is packed to the Rafters with Traitors. There is no other word that remotely fits our Corrupt Senate and Congress. For either of you to somehow believe a SINGLE SOLITARY WORD from either party is laughable at best and just plain ignorant at worst. How many more Decades of outright Lies, deception, Corruption and Greed from our Traitorous Government are you going to endure before you get it. They are in it to win it, FOR THEMSELVES and the Average American Citizen means absolutely nothing to them. They play on and capitalize on keeping Americans Afraid and confused. It`s all smoke and mirrors to direct our attention with one hand while their other hand signs legislation that benefits the Special Intrest Groups that own our Government.I don`t know how either one of you can look in the Mirror Period let alone Shave Knowing that Your Government has been selling you out for Decades and they aren`t finished yet.

    • Tiglet offerd...
      "If GM builds overpriced cars that fall apart, I will buy an Asian car and so will everyone else".

      I said they built cars based on the flawed business model called "DESIGNED OBSOLESCENCE".
      They have since improved their practices and are building a much more competitive product with basically the same work force.
      I also said the bribe taking dixiecrats from Alabama, Kentucky, Tennessee and Georgia, (Sessions, Shelby, Alexander, Chambliss et al) would rather see manufacturing profits go offshore, along with their textile mfg mills instead of having an american worker benefit from having a job.

      "GMs were and are high priced because of union extortion".

      All I can say about that bit of inanity is "extortion" is in the eye of the beholder.
      Of course upper mgmt is exempt from profiting from the looting of their employers.
      There are streets and avenues all over america named for that practice and they're called "one way".
      We all know about the ratio changes of mgmt to employee wages, but the C of C, Manufacturing Assns etc all, would fight reversal of that to the death.

    • Is that fair? I mean, just look at what the UAW did for GM or should I say to GM.

      Impressive factory. Can you imagine crackhead liberals in a Detroit factory working in uniforms, in cadence, and caring about what they are building?

      • 2 Replies to tiglet2l
      • The UAW crackheads saved Ford from going under.

        If it wasn't for the UAW and it's concessions plus being dedicated to their own success and therefore Ford's success,
        Ford would've been forced to go the way of GM.

        They built their products with whatever crap mgmt gave them.

        Ford mgmt had it's back to the wall, they had no choice but to change their ways.

        I saw my 1st Toyota Corona late in 1969.

        Thanks to a guy called Deming, Toyota did things right from Day 1, while GM laughed him out of town.

        GM took until the mid 90's to change their ways.

        Mgmt's only goal prior to then was to rip the company and stockholders off.

        Obama saved them from going under and with the mgmt change they put in place, it looks like they may be saved from going under.

        They are on their way to paying back the 50 billion or so they were loaned, I think they're ahead of schedule in their repayment scheme or obligation.

        They would've been history if it was up to the dixiecrats like Richard Shelby, Mitch McChinless, Jeff Sessions et al, who are all on the take with Toyota, Honda, Nissan and Subaru and who couldn't care less about the American economy and jobs.

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