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  • kallola111 kallola111 Oct 20, 2004 2:49 PM Flag

    I don't know when I'll cover, but...

    well,, this is exactly why it might not be such a bad idea...remember..90% of traders on wall street lose...10% win.. if everyone knows something..thats flat playing field material...the key is what you don't know..thats where mom and pop get taken to the bank

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    • RE "90% of traders on wall street lose...10% win"

      And what do you think the break-down is here, on this board?...

      It's gotta be 99-1 - at the very least.

      People here - who are out there trading - are giving their money to professional traders. Why?... For psychological reasons mostly, but also out of ignorance.

      More often than not the ignorance is willful (under the spell of the psyche). The psychological motivations are interesting: People want to feel that they have some sort of insight into a deeper reality, as it were, that is privileged relative to their peers'. (Professionals are vulnerable to this too, of course - in spades!) This is, more often than not, much more important - i.e., a stronger motivation - than the desire to make money - which is no small part of why these folks *don't* make money.

      This is very well established stuff - if you're wondering....

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