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  • homebody63us homebody63us Oct 22, 2004 6:54 AM Flag

    Bloomberg just said it all:

    Funds will be doing quarter end buying through October 31st,so as I see it we have 1 more week of huge gains before a pullback,if lucky maybe we hit 200-210 next week Friday,but I would expect a pullback in November to a more modest level,either way should be interesting. IMO

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    • Have you lost your kracker's?????
      The quarter ended 3 weeks ago!

      I think you should wait to but @ $210 so that you can sell at $110

    • So what you are saying to the Longs is get out by next Friday.

      Will your buy rec change next Friday then?

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      • I am a long term buy,and always have been,but I do enjoy trying to guess short term movements,and if you check my previuos posts,you will see I was dead on about the action this week,I am saying,IMO,that the best chance for a pullback will be the first week in November,as fund managers will need to show the shares on their books through Oct. 31st. If it does make 200,then a pullback to 150-160 would be my guess. In my experience,if you can think like a fund manager,or like a MM,not the general public,youve got it made. Again all JMO


      The investor should examine the P/E (194.32) relative to the growth rate (30.33%), based on the analyst consensus projected future long term growth rate, for a company. This is a quick way of determining the fairness of the price. In this particular case, the P/E/G ratio for GOOG (6.41) is very unattractive. This criteria is the most important one in the methodology and a failure of it will automatically result in a 0% score for the overall analysis.


      For companies with sales greater than $1 billion, this methodology likes to see that the P/E ratio remain below 40. Large companies can have a difficult time maintaining a growth rate high enough to support a P/E above this threshold. GOOG, whose sales are $2,257.9 million, needs to have a P/E below 40 to pass this criterion. GOOG's P/E of (194.32) is not considered acceptable.


      When inventories increases faster than sales, it is a red flag. Unfortunately we do not have sufficient data for GOOG to evaluate this criterion.

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