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  • acanova2001 acanova2001 Nov 20, 2004 8:45 PM Flag

    This looks very much like KMRT...

    To tell you the truth, most of my money is tied up in real estate at this point. I only have about $8,000 in my Ameritrade account. But this GOOG thing going on is too huge to ignore. At this point I am just playing the market in VERY small pieces just for the fun of it. On Friday I shorted 10 shares of GOOG at 169. $1,690 investment. Can't really get hurt here. If this goes to 200 I will short another 10..and 225 another 10. I am going to keep shorting shares until this bubble pops... I can't believe how these investors forgot about the 2000 bubble burst already. It's amazing. Are people that Stupid. Another one is TZ00. Gimme a break... This reminds me of when BRCM and JNPR were high flyers.

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