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  • dslman2 dslman2 Feb 13, 2005 3:53 PM Flag

    What's next?

    OK, it's going to be tough to sleep tonight with all this anticipation for tomorrow. Someone will win (probably the shorts) and someone will lose (probably the longs). This battle is already over, we just don't know who won yet. (Sun Tzu)

    Anybody have any other stocks that are coming up to this kind of a volatile event they are playing? How about the ebay split?

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    • I am going to be shorting the ebay split..I think that is the only reason it went up last week..shorts not wanting to take a chance and caused a short covering..One way to play it is buying out of the money puts Monday before the split..20 of the 40's..for 60 cents..$2 out of the money with a week to come tuesday. you will have 40 puts and only be $1 out of the money, being it will be trading at 41..I think after ebay's fall, most retail investors will sell 1/4-1/2 the position after the split..I wouldn't be surprised to see ebay close at 37.50 on Friday..JMO

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