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    • Theres one big difference in MSFT, INTC, DELL, Yahoo, Ebay too GOOG those companies didnt sell huge in the first 6months with targets blown out of proportions hell msft sold around $4 for a long time

      If you have a true open mind you have to question why would these 3 people be selling so much meaning precentage not numbers

      cus gates has more shares of msft than there will be in goog after feb15 of 2005

      also isnt this suppose to be at 250 well why would you sell if thats were its suppose to be and to have great earnings to come are they that scared that the numbers are going to be so great they will lose money

      while they file for more shares to be sold they force others to wait to sell

      i still think its worse than enron atleast at enron those employees could have sold at any moment they were just lied too ,to not sell

      well googs dont have a choice they can only sit on the sidelines

    • float is 127 mln share.
      200 mln will be unlocked.
      Unlocked is more than float by 57%. Image the sellin pressure.

      That is the BIG difference.g

    • Quit crying. Quit lying. You know the GOOG insider's sales dwarf any plans for selling relative to the float of any of those companies.

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