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  • mr_sixfigures mr_sixfigures Jan 22, 2006 11:17 PM Flag

    Glad I'm in OIL and ENERGY

    Last safe havens in America.

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    • you are most definitely NOT from the Bay Area, and you sure don't hang around Google where everybody thinks the same as me!

      Funny how impeaching a president for a BJ is a-ok with these wackos but impeaching a president for getting 100K people killed is not ok.

    • you have to be the angriest poster I've ever encountered. All you ever do is spew hate. Negativity doesn't win elections, nor does calling anyone who doesnt agree with you stupid. You should think about leaving the country. BTW, how much did you lose the past couple days?

    • well Clinton was impeached and did we see a president Gore?

      Impeachment was designed to deal with matters just like this, falsifying evidence for war. Bush definitely should be impeached, but whether he will is another matter. Of course he has spent all the money we have on death and pork so there isn't much more damage he can do.

    • Hello, what is your name? Are you in Texas?

    • If you impeach say hello to president cheney. you dems are always so forward thinking, that's why you dont get elected.

    • I have no idea what you are trying to say. How about get to the point.

      I don't like Bush, I don't like the Bush admin and I don't like Texas. End of story for me.

    • Nice backpeddaling there. You already made it clear that because you hate Bush, all Texan's are really stupid idiots. Read your own posts fool. The Texas long is right, you're a racist, and you think like a Nazi. And if your theory is correct that all Texans are really stupid idiots, than your biggest follower and believer from Texas must really know what their doing being long on GOOG and worshipping your long posts. Becareful what you believe to wish for.

    • you guys just don't like it when somebody tells it like it is on Bush. It reminds me of when Jon Stewart was on a talk show and they expected him to be funny and he refused. He wanted to talk about the damage that Bush has done to our country and the fact that the stupid red states caused the damage. The red states are broke, they spend all the blue states money and they get losers like Bush elected. Their biggest concern in the world is "Brokeback Mountain" and the fact that Monica blew Clinton. Meanwhile Bush causes the useless deaths of 100K people.

      Still hoping for impeachment here.

      And half the country agrees with me so no sense calling me a Nazi.

    • You've just prove Daffy's point that yopu are a big idiot.
      Tell us again how GOOGLE will go to 100 because a narrow minded people is a GOOGLE investor?

    • You are actually following and believing in this loser "Daffyskater." I just forwarded her posts to the DOJ. Lets see what they think of her comments. Her comments remind me of what Hitler said about the Jews = what Daffyskater is saying about Texans. Yep, this is your fellow GOOG long. I guess she doesn't know of a little thing called "Karma."

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