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  • equity_inequity equity_inequity Jan 23, 2006 2:27 PM Flag

    SEC will be knocking

    insider sales just prior to the fed subpeona annoucement tells me they knew the FED was after them

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    • Did you just missed the bull /bear debate with Google. Both agree Google going higher, that Google's oversold on NO fundamental change, its a buying opportunity.
      This is the truth of it all and Google's taking marketshare from yahoo. Its going to post a blowout earnings and the steep oversold dip will trade right back up to new highs. Shorts are not right they just prove the broken clock theory, they keeping shorting and bashing since ipo and a few times Google takes a dip and they give the longs an "I told you so". The pullback is overdone and ready for new highs.

      Bottomline is Google will only gain more marketshare:

      By Michael Liedtke, AP Business Writer
      "Google is the only major search engine so far to challenge the Bush administration. Yahoo, Microsoft's MSN and American Online have all said they complied with the government's subpoena without providing personal information about their users.

      The Justice Department issued the subpoenas last summer as part of its effort to restore an online child pornography law that has been blocked by the U.S. Supreme Court.

      Although investors have initially punished Google's stock for taking on the government, Schachter and other analysts believe it could be a smart public relations move for the company.

      If Google's refusal to hand over user information fosters even more loyalty on the Web and increase its market share, the company will have more opportunities to distribute its moneymaking ads"

    • Subpoena from the Fed??? It's from the DOJ. WTF would the Fed care about porn?

    • insiders sold "just prior"?

      dearie, insiders have been dumping this crap from day one hand over fist, can't get rid of the stuff fast enough.

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