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  • pochervina Feb 22, 2006 10:34 PM Flag

    Isn't it alarming. . . . .

    My God. The insider's selling with this stock is mighty alarming. Can anyone give me a reason to be long with Google right now. I would be very interested to hear the reasoning. I've been following many stocks for many years, and I haven't seen insider selling like this.

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    • I did look it up. You are wrong. Quarterly profits have been flat for a year. Go to the SEC site and read the reports:
      369M : 343M : 381M : 372M

    • >"you think msft came up with office and their database products and everything?"

      So true. Microsoft did not even invent MSDOS!!! It was developed by someone else. Microsoft bought it from that guy, took it to IBM and sold it to them to use but not to own. Many companies start out as one thing and eventually become another. Many such companies evolve into marketing giants. Shit, Pfeizer now outsources most of its development, Coke is a marketing company, and Nike sure as hell is not a sneaker company.

    • Hi,

      Please only take my position as a grain of salt but, I know Hawaii for 10 years, and can answer some questions in my opinion, as a non born local, from Cali. Real estate is very good here, but following the trands,and folowing down as of last month, I think condos in the lower division are down $10,000 from last month. I believe there is a small bubble here, like what happened in 96, the first year I came here.

      This link does not have the best info. I get a detailed newsletter from a real esate agent every month, and this jan was down slighly in some areas.

      Also about the ethics... its hard to say, but I do know locals play hard here, to beat everybody else, and cause a lot of heartbreak to new people just trying to make a living, with their corrupt ways. Some are great, some are not, I cannot generalize with this. I hope this helps some.

    • hey i got a question and you may be able to answer it.

      There is a company called Alexander & Baldwin (ALEX) that i bought stock in a while ago. Just a small # of shares, and have enjoyed a nice little run. Now ALEX owns office buildings\condos\resorts and a bunch of Surgar fields and Coffee (Kahuai coffee company) Their main business is shipping containers. Now i bought the stock cause they own a bunch of land down there and land is scarse down there (am I correct??) Also I bought it cause of the surgar\ethanol possb. One last question, how is the housing market down there. Oh yea one last thing, is this company ethical, i mean do they have good community support or are they a bunch of crooks cause i don't know cause i live in the east coast and I don't know what the locals think of them. I would hate to own a stock that is shittty to the fine people of Hawaii.

      Also if you have never heard of them, that is OK, I understand.

    • This is funny cause... I feel I cant buy my own mutual funds without my advisers right now, or nice shoes without my husband ( I hate buying shoes ) ... oooh what would I be without guidance .... life is funny... I do think mutual funds and fancy shoes must have something inherent in common.... :)

    • hey what did you do with those mutual funds??
      Hoped you looked into what your throwing you good hard earned money at. Anyway if you want to buy a basket of stocks that you like (remember to be diverse) wait for a day when the market gets hammered and thn buy, it is kinda like seeing those nice shoes at the mall amd knowing that a presidents day sale very soon, and you wait to buy them at the sale.

    • <<you should read what Blue Nile had to say about that.>>

      Blue Nile is a small niche player who would not be alive if not for cheap internet ads. Unfortunately for Blue Nile, the shift from the huge ad budgets for things like cars and appliances hit them in the face.

      GMs ad budget yearly is in the millions. Will they get the same results from the targeted internet ads vs. a one million slot on "desperate housewives"- yes I think so. Blue Nile is not advertising on TV so they don't have anything to compare it too. Unfortunately for small business like BLue Nile, the internet is shifting from a mom and pop ad operation to the big guns

    • << Sorry, don't comprehend poorly written illogical posts such as yours. Based my response on a reasonable interpretation. >>

      That's why you should come back here after finishing your education and being mature enough to understand stock market. It is a very dangerous place for kids like you.

    • <<worldwide ad market 630 billion per year. Internet ads are cheaper and work better. Right now google doing 2 billion per quarter. ANy potential for growth there, I think so>>

      Internet ads are cheaper and work better? you should read what Blue Nile had to say about that.

    • Sorry, don't comprehend poorly written illogical posts such as yours. Based my response on a reasonable interpretation.

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