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  • whenwhattobuy whenwhattobuy Mar 1, 2006 12:52 AM Flag

    Shorts are fckd up tomorrow

    It appears that both pipers and goldman reaffirmed that this is a buy opportunity.

    besides, the fact that goog corrected the statement is a signal that we did not mean to cause worries.

    so what will happen tomorrow in my opinion :

    a) clients of both piper and goldman will be buying

    b) Those who bought today at the dip won't sell easy.

    c) None of the big players is dumping

    d) The only guys they will have to buy to cover are the shorts.

    No short is safe by relying on thursday meeting. It could hurt badly. why? think about it - Google is the institutions biggest hot shot.

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    • You are day dreaming. It is over..over and follow the trend. Of course, if market recovers or sustain its recent may try to make anothe fake move which will only result heavy drop. I can easily see now where GOOG is going. Be with the not go against it. GOOG had enough good days..but bad days are to start now.

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      • Why you're wrong !

        Longs ! there are no more longs !

        this is a wholy owned institutions stock in addition to the hedge funds.

        Now think it over ! between you and the institutions name a winner.

        Before they fckd up the longs twice

        They fckd up the shorts once by taking it all the way to 480

        by the way I predicted 450 beforeend 2005.

        Now they have no buyers and will bring longs along when they drive it up and at the same time they fck you up

        So now that they loaded all the flooat time to unload at a high which means your nightare

      • you're right... the forward pe should be closer to 10. Would that be low enough for a tycoon like you to wade into this troubled stock. This broken stock that takes market share every month.

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