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  • jdcaeteno jdcaeteno Mar 2, 2006 8:33 PM Flag

    Any other company...

    the media, the unbiased analyst, the astute investor could see right through today's "deception" and place red flags all over this "investment."

    Simply put..
    This is a money-making empire for only a select few -- the upper management <period>

    Soon or later -- Truth enters the picture... It always happens.

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    • speaking of flags...did you see the "neutral web" flag they used in their presentation? I believe it meant much more than what was stated.

    • Yep. Could be a few months, could be a few years.

      That's why it's fun to talk to longs who use charts, because they could be right for a while, who knows? But longs who try to talk fundamentals all seem to have loose screws.

      The latest story, would be a big story with most stocks I agree, is that Google is saying they have to get out of their only business if they want to grow revenues enough to justify their market cap. Holy crap! That's serious, right? Either give up the fancy multiple, or, worse, start chasing fantasies in industries they don't begin to understand. Maybe get lucky like AOL buying Time Warner, much more likely just die off like most internet mirage-chasers.

      A grim dilemma, and we just heard all about it. Are shareholders worried? Nah. They're eating it up. "2001? Never heard of it. I think my grandfather was alive back then."

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