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    • > Like all GOOG initiatives except for online > ads, it lacks depth, thought, seriousness,
      > and any chance of success.

      Hey, I think you are a little to hard. I mean what you obviously leave out is the time MSFT and GOOD are in business. So when you mention MSFTs great diversification, sure, they had many more years to build that all up. Go back in time when MSFT was young and see how diversified they where THEN.
      However, I of course agree when it comes to being suspicious. New ventures which have not yet proven to bring in any additional dollar are - at this point in time - more of a bet. So here comes in the GOOG Management. Again, I agree that as of these days, they have not left too much of a good impression.

      But, to get to the point, there are tremendous efforts to diversify the GOOG business beyond ads. They are hiring top new people and aquire promising young tech Companies.

      So the outcome still has to be seen. Also, the way they are managing things to accomplish these goals. But still I can see huge efforts to diversify and a lot of good ideas. Something I don't find among many other companies.

      The Mars stuff is really ridiculous I have to admit LOL.

    • Daffy - either you can't be serious or you are showing just how ignorant you are. Comparing the diversification of revenue streams at MSFT to that of GOOG as comparable? Come on - if you are going to post BS, then just keep it short like other pumpers and claim sh*t like - GOOG to the moon, $1000 here we come...

    • Ease up. Just because Goog does not broadcast their future intentions as does MSFT, which now the public takes with a grain of salt, don't sell Goog short. It's a different philosophy, that's all. In 20 years you can list all rev. sources for Goog and I'm sure they will be adequate for your inspection, however, at this time, Goog is young, expanding, growing beyond belief, forming a very strong foundation, launching pad, and when they are finished, you'll see one very powerfull player which no one will be able to penetrate. When
      goog starts broadcasting their future, it will be time to sell.

    • Mega,
      Agree with you entirely. The market is made up of people with different opinion. We need people who think differently.
      To compare MSFT with Goog in terms of revenue and market segment is not apple to apple. The closet company to compare is Yhoo in during the bubble. I know you did not start the comparision, oh well.
      Are you holding your short until earnings?
      I've done well with the game of "sell on the news" with specialty teen retails. Been with yhoo for years from 1995-2002. Goog is just like yhoo in 1999

    • all you have to do, to see if a company has a diversified revenue stream is look at their income statement.

      Is income broken into parts and identified by channel, or business? In goog's case, YES. the partner programs and the google sites are clearly elucidated. 2 totally different businesses.

      Now I think everyone would like to see goog get into another business, sure why not. And they are- GBUY is a 10 billion dollar per year business. So there you have it.

      But to make a statement that "goog is uniquely unable to generate another revenue stream"- what a CROCK.

      Tell me oh wise one, what exactly is INTEL's alternative revenue stream? We know they sell microprocessors, what else exactly? How about Cisco, other than routers what DO they DO exactly? Dell? Dell sells electronics through a channel - DIRECT. ONLY.

      etc. etc.

      Like I said, ONE company came out with a completely different revenue stream- Apple, thanks to Steve Jobs who probably would have created 3 revenue streams if he was with apple but instead he was at Pixar. Jobs is a bit of a genious at that. But as for large companies diversifying, GOOG is doing as good a job as any.

    • deadcatbouncefallingknifebooyahs deadcatbouncefallingknifebooyahs Mar 14, 2006 11:37 PM Flag

      of course its up 9 Euro, 1Euro=1.2 dollar 9x1.2=10.8 dollars which is less than yesterdays close. Any luck this thing will sell off quick sooner than late.

      This news is so neutral. It pisses me off to no end that Google was able to rally the bulls with it. Goog is still a 200 dollar stock.

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