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  • please_give_me_all_thefacts please_give_me_all_thefacts Mar 17, 2006 2:15 PM Flag

    Serious Question - Can anybody recommen

    Serious Question - Can anybody recommend a stock market analysis newsletter?

    I am looking to pay a monthly fee, say $800, for stock and market advice.

    I need help and I am a serious investor.


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    • >>Why the world would I offer that info on a public messageboard?<<

      I don't know, but you sure have no problems asking for money from strangers on a public message board...and did you know it is a TOS voilation to solicit in your posts?

      6(g) of the member agreement:

      "(not to)...upload, post, email, transmit or otherwise make available any unsolicited or unauthorized advertising, promotional materials, "junk mail," "spam," "chain letters," "pyramid schemes," or any other form of solicitation, except in those areas (such as shopping) that are designated for such purpose (please read our complete Spam Policy)"

    • LOL!!!

      "Say, $800....."

      How interesting that that exactly coincides with gin's offering price for his letter.

      In fact, does this whole thread excp\ept me consist of a single person talking to himslef?


    • Ask the gin soak beau dude.

      He offers a newsletter and really knows he stuff.

      He has been calling GOOG's moves for awhile and more importantly he gives REASONS for his calls based on TA rather that blather like most of the losers in here....

      • 3 Replies to the_anti_itm2000
      • Sure, inquire about his unlicensed/illegal *services* and this is what you will get. In addition, the con has been reported to yahoo for TOS violation for soliciting in his posts.

        Re: gin_soaked WARNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        by: carpet_bombing_all_shorts 02/27/06 02:07 pm
        Msg: 636400

        WARNING: If you email gin soaked beau, he will write you back asking for $800 anonymously by paypal to put you on his VIP list. Below is what he wrote us when we sent an email and we used a name that had never, ever appeared on this board. Note how he says "you do seem to be a well-adjusted adult with a sense of civility. " LOL!!!! He had never even seen the name we used!!!

        The guy is a scammer looking to take your money, not make you money. BE WARNED!!!!!

        Here is what he wrote in reply to our inquiry:

        "The issue I have is this; I do a have a trading service that has existed for several years. I am a former hedge fund trader who also worked a trading desk at goldman sach's years ago. I have taught technical analysis to both retail and professionals in the biz. I know what I am doing, at least I try to, and that is where the crux of the matter lies. It is difficult to put out that energy and effort, with hours of research and continually toss it out for free on a messageboard. I have an egalitarian nature to me and I offered what I could for others. I have done so for years, however, the messageboards become tedious to say the least and also becomes a bit galling to offer this out on a timely basis for gratis.

        I have a trading support service consisting of various clients, both retail and in the biz.
        This are for grown ups that are truly serious about the market. The hyperventilating young male crowd I can do without. I am a swing trader by nature, and that is what I look for. I am not a day trader or ultra-short term trader. We are patient and strike hard when the market is aligned. I send out notices via email and yahoo instant messenger (which is also why I can post on the yahoo board, as it it right there in my daily routine). I used another Yahoo id for years that over time became renowned and unfortunately over time was being stalked by a gang of pretty unstable posters.

        I took a break for a year and began posting again this past year under a new ID. I have been all over Google since Dec 04 and if you have been around this past year, my record stands for itself and I do not mean that in an egotistical way. In the end, the proof is in the pudding and my clients are quite happy, not just this stock but many others. We focus on swing trading with an eye at options at key moments.

        As I point out to others, if you want good legal advice, you hire a good lawyer.
        If you have a medical issue, you go to a good doctor.
        If you want competent advice on the market delivered on a timely basis, you need to pay it.

        The fee is $800 per month, payable via paypal.
        This is on a month to month basis, however some sign up on a yearly basis. I am pretty choosy on my client base (which is one reason why I haven't responded sooner to the emails) and you do seem to be a well-adjusted adult with a sense of civility.
        If you have any interest, I can go into further detail.

        I wish you the very best in your investing and trading decisions.


        Gin Soaked Beau"

      • Looking to throw money down the toilet?

        gin's the man....sounds like you should know this, gin_soaked....

        Re: Gin Soaked, Where Can I send My Mone
        by: gin_soaked_beau 02/27/06 06:53 pm
        Msg: 636981

        I don't need insulting clowns and I am looking to help someone throw money down a toilet.

      • So, are you saying that you pay Gin $800 a month for his services??

        If so, how is it??

        If not, are you willing to? And, if you are willing to, why haven't you done so, yet??


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