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  • kingoogal kingoogal Apr 2, 2006 5:04 PM Flag

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    Remeber the latest offering is @390

    So 390 is the base, now what will happen from now until ER is clear UP UP UP UP

    I own decent amount of GOPDTs!!!!!

    GO GOOG!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    • Why are you the only one knowing 41 percent is standard? Goog said they would be reverting to the 31 percent after last quarter and no analyst indicated otherwise, even Barking Barrons didn't jump on that.

      I'm not criticizing you. I just do not have tax expertise.

    • Mighty kind of you. Thanks.

    • I'm sorry, there is no way for you to (legally) write these expenses off. These expenses are considered "personal" and not "business" in nature. Obviously I would never give you advice for you to blatently cheat on your tax return....... However, if you were further inclined to deduct these items the best place would be to include these as miscellaneous itemized deductions (subject to the 2% of AGI floor).

      Worst case scenerio, if you were to be audited you will be hit with interest but it is extremely unlikely that penalties would apply.

      I understand how painful the green card process can be, my wife is Korean but I handled the entire process myself with the INS so the cost was substantially less. Please advise if I can answer any other questions for you.

      Legal Expenses

      Legal expenses are deductible as miscellaneous itemized deductions on Schedule A of Form 1040, subject to the two-percent floor (�1011), if they are paid or incurred for the production of income or for the management, conservation, or maintenance of income-producing property. [2006FED �12,521 ]. Generally, legal expenses paid or incurred in recovering investment property and amounts of income includible in gross income are deductible (Reg. �1.212-1(k)). [2006FED�12,521 ]. However, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit has ruled that legal expenses incurred in recovering stock were deductible only to the extent that they were allocable to the recovery of interest and dividends (J.K. Nickell, 87-2 USTC �9585). [2006FED �12,523.35 ]. Legal expenses incurred in defending or perfecting title to property, in the acquisition or disposition of property, or in developing or improving property are not deductible and must be capitalized.

      Generally, legal expenses paid by one spouse in resisting the other's monetary demands in divorce are nondeductible personal expenses. However, legal expenses for collecting alimony under a divorce decree are deductible as a miscellaneous itemized deduction, subject to the two-percent floor (�1011). [2006FED �12,523.3273 ].

      Attorney Fees and Court Costs. Beginning in 2005, attorney fees and court costs incurred in connection with an action based on unlawful discrimination, or certain other claims, under federal law are deducted in determining adjusted gross income. The above-the-line deduction is limited to the amount includible in the individual's income for the tax year, whether as a lump sum or in periodic payments, on account of a judgment or settlement. Because this deduction is above-the-line, it is not subject to the reduction of itemized deductions for high-income individuals, and may be claimed against the alternative minimum tax (Code Sec. 62(a)(20)). [2006FED �6002 ].

    • LOOK, GOOG is an international company, Tasr is not, GOOG tries as much as they can to recognize revenue coming from europe out of ireland and they missed their guestimate in the December quarter. Its just that simple. What does tasr have in terms of complexity to ever compete with this, nothing.

      I don't know why UK which is goog's 2nd biggest mkt was weak in December but it was. TAX is the symptom not the cause. Dwelling on tax is not the issue, the issue was the UK. Longs understand this, I do and I am waiting to see if March shows December UK to be just a break in trend or not. It happens.

      again, for the umpteenth time, growht companies issues are with REVENUES not earnings.

    • My model is based on trends (in revenue, expenses, capital expenditure, interest income, etc.) over the past several quarters PLUS recent newsworthy tidbits like GOOG market share, overall traffic volume, etc.

      Funny thing is that my model seems to bear out the CFO's comments very well! Of course, I don't place my faith in models but I have to admit that the more I analyze GOOG the more bearish I get. I think GOOG is a good company and will do well over the long term. However, I just have this strong gut feel that a major correction in the stock price will happen - maybe sooner, maybe later, but it will happen.

    • I'm curious; what are you using as your assumptions for your model?

      If they come in at $1.70 this will be one hell of a ride down.......

    • Glad you brought that up. I was puzzled that Google had a tax rate of barely 20% in the FIRST QUARTER of 2005. How could they get away with that? Could they pull a similar tactic in 1Q of 2006 - that is, using a low tax rate to raise earnings??

    • Since you offered. I spent about $7000 in travel and legal fees navigating our efficient kind and fair green card process for my Italian wife. Can I write it off?

    • Glad that I could be of some help! Yes, I think the next few weeks are going to be "interesting". My model tells me that Google will most likely post 1Q earnings in the $1.60 to $1.70 range, plus or minus a few cents.

    • Is corporate tax at 41% or 30% for Goog? Anyways, what is your projection for Goog's 1st Qtr earnings? I have a bad feeling they are going to miss badly...

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