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  • ittrn2000 ittrn2000 May 2, 2006 10:17 AM Flag


    Honestly, have had some nice gains off and on but you really have lost out overall heavily since the $85 IPO. Now, you flounder around with GOOG when it is TOTALLY on fire with a nearly 120 point gain just in the last 32 days or so alone!!

    You had better cover and go long on one of the down cycles on these volatility waves you're seeing and going to see for today and perhaps through Wednesday latest....because when they end, you will see another strong rally up to the 460-475+ areas by or WELL BEFORE next Monday, May 1. Suit yourself, but these represent a bit of a chance to still convert.

    There is nothing but good news for GOOG ahead. As I said 2 weeks ago, waves and waves of good news would come....well, it is happening. Even the 4th Qtr BS On Jan 31 was just that...BS. WAY overreactionary! We will QUICKLY close in on the pre Q1 highs of 475 as just ROUTINE BUSINESS!!

    We're going to at least the 541 area (as I said 2 weeks ago) DAMN soon.....within 10-20 days or so. Just to catch up where we SHOULD be. Then it's onward and upward to the 600s, 700s, and 800s well within this year year.

    And, yes, I do still see intraday highs as high as $1300 a share as early as April 2007.


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