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  • trade_for_keeps trade_for_keeps May 1, 2006 7:05 PM Flag

    GOOGLE CALL OPTIONS::::::::::::::::::::

    Holy cow, man, you are dedicated. I gotta give you credit (again) for putting yourself out there. I like your posts much more when they're specific and not the vague posts you tend to traditionally put out there. I'm sorry you're underwater with a hunk of your calls, but you've got my respect for saying so.

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    • trade_for_keeps::::::::::::

      Thank you.

      We'll see how this all plays out. I am extremely confident about my share holdings as well as all my options that are beyond May.

      To me, this is FAR more a buying opporuity than a short play, although I respect those who did short this thing in the 430s+ this time around. This is a COMPLETELY unwarranted drop. Rather bizarre, actually. But not enough of one to where I am shaken out of any of my shares nor any of my puts....but I probably shouyld have shed at least SOME of my May calls. I am not always right...who is. But, again, we'll see how those land. At this pint, I'm at what I call the point of no return on May calls....wherein they were hit so hard that most my important risk has already been shed (lost) and any further melting down will keep rolling up my puts, etc. And, I have enough time on my side with options beyond May. Plus, I can pull the trigger on my shares, if need be. I have not even written calls or puts for quite awhile nor have I (ever) shorted GOOG.....all additional choices and tools available to me.

      Appreciate your intelligence, objectivity, and fair play.


    • if you read his post correct, he owns close to 2000 contracts! that's 200000 shares! if average price to buy is only $5, that's $1M!

      i am amazed that someone with that much to invest spends to much time on this non-sense board!

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