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  • itm2000 itm2000 Apr 27, 2006 2:16 PM Flag

    GOOGLE CALL OPTIONS::::::::::::::::::::

    For the record, and as previously posted, here are some updates on some of my current holdings insofar as GOOG is concerned, not including existing shares:

    200 contracts MAY 440 calls. Average = 9.40.
    200 contracts MAY 450 calls. Average = 7.30.
    100 contracts MAY 460 calls. Average = 6.50.

    600 contracts of additional call options spread out between the 390-470 strikes and spread out into all months from MAY to JAN2008.

    100 contracts of various puts spread out between the 380-400 strikes in various months between MAY and DEC.

    ALL of the above calls represent my RE-ENTRY into call options between April 13 and today. When GOOG was as low as the 401-408 areas is where I began my re-entry. Prior to April 13, I had taken profits in 3 waves of selling AFTER the S&P announcement. Those original entries were made when GOOG was between 330 and 341 and were mostly held and sold off above $400. ALL clearly posted before the fact as well as in real time at the fact.

    Hope this impresses all as to how bullish I am on GOOG and GOOG options but that I am only playing with less than 30% of my gains on my calls since March 21 or so. I am well enough hedged to my own liking.

    I have added some shares today as well. I am not, nor have I ever been, short any GOOG shares.

    I will keep adding shares and call options (probably beyond MAY) if GOOG should drop below 418. I will probably start taking profits on my calls when GOOG surpasses the 430-440 areas. I will add to puts when GOOG reaches beyond 450. I will not be selling shares at any time nor shorting GOOG at any time. I may write puts in this current trough. I will not be writing calls unless we streak up hyperbolically to, say, the $480++ areas within too short of a time.

    I have been actively dumping shares and calls on most of my oil/energy and related services stocks since Monday and may be 100% out of all by tomorrow.


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