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  • kvc60637 kvc60637 Sep 10, 2007 9:26 AM Flag

    GOOG GOING TO $600, heres what to do...

    Again take a look at the Jan $600 options GOOAT at $8...if you're bullish on GOOG...the best leveraged play!

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    • I got some more calls this monring at $ trading at

      Get in now because the Fed will cut rayes and the market will explode to the upside...

      Interesting commentary by Paul McCulley of PIMCO...a must read:

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      • Market is waiting for Employment Report tomorrow and you've seen some profit taking prior to that. Don't be surprised to see that money jump back into the markets and for stocks to rally soon. Google reports on the 16th and GOOG WILL BE OVER $600...its a given and inevitable...GOO-AT calls will get back up over $30 and run upto $ I'll be proven correct. are the open trades I've recommended...and there returns

        GOOG/ Jan 600 call options GOOAT in on sept 10th at $7.50 now at $29...+290%
        (see more upside still)

        Valero VLO/ Jan 80 call option ZPYAP in Oct 3rd at $1 now $1/$1.10
        see $2 to $3 in 2 months.

        FuelTech FTEK/ March 22.50 call option FQFCX in Sept 27th at $3.70, now $7.30 +89% going higher

        Sears holding SHLD/ March 155 call option in yesterday at $7.70 now at $10.9 +40% going higher.

      • break below $610 and take some money off table....

        Could be a blowoff top forming here...

        I told you $40 then $50 on GOO-AT calls...

        hit $56.10 this monring...moving fast...

      • I have been posting for more than a week now that GOOG and the Jan 600 Call (GOO-AT) is heading higher...MUCH HIGHER!!!!

        Have you listened? Did you get in @ $7.50?

        Currently Goolge is up $5 @ $529.78...the call GOO-AT is at $10.20 Bid/ $10.40 Ask

        I've posted charts, check past posts and see Google breraking out here and you can easily double; triple maybe quadruple your money in the next few months.

        Get in NOW!!!

        Thats GOO-AT BUY!!!!

      • Prediction: Market will rally in last hour of trading today....been in the red all day. Watch this rally develop into the close.

        GOOGLE WILL CLOSE OVER $600 today!!!!

        GOO-AT $40!!!!

        I'm going to take some off the table at $40...probably the 5 contracts @ $20.50...and hold onto the 20 contracts at $7.50

      • I first recommended Google Jan 600 calls (GOO-AT) and pounded the table to buy under $8!!!
        here's that post...


        Re: GOOAT Jan $600 Calls...Best Bet on UPside! 10-Sep-07 02:51 pm

        I got some more calls this monring at $ trading at


        Did you buy?

        If you bought at $7.50 like I did the first time you'd be up $20 or +266%!

        I see $40 and possibly $50 in 2 months...that would be 400 to 500% profits.

        I bought at $7.50 and sold 1/2 at $16. After seeing that the market was set to explode on the upside I added at $20.50...this call option is a big winner...did you BUY?

        I have 20 contracts at $7.50 and 5 at $20.50 and plan to make $70,000 on this trade with $25,000 invested.

        Set your stops according, don't want to lose money, high risk...big returns.

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    • ron, gooat jan 600 call is currently trading at 29.48 per contract lol

742.74+4.11(+0.56%)Jul 22 4:00 PMEDT