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  • kvc60637 kvc60637 Oct 11, 2007 3:40 PM Flag

    GOOG GOING TO $600, heres what to do...

    You knew that a pullback on this steep run up was coming?

    If those who track my recommendations recall that when GOOAT ran up to $30 and then corrected to $20/$21 a few weeks ago I said to BUY...I bought at $20.50 and sold at %40 on 5 contracts...

    Well thei is the same situation now...$70 now $50...bottomline...

    GET IN and watch it go up..WHY?

    They report earnings next week and those not in the stock will be...

    I'm telling you BUY!!! NOW!!! or add to positions

    I bought at $52 earlier on the "PANIC" selling...bought 5 contracts.

    I still own the 20 at $7.50...

    I see some think I'm a moron...

    How is that I didn't tell you to buy at $70...I said it would go to $70, but I told you to buy at uner $8...and to buy at $20.50, sell at $50 and now buy at $52.

    I see $70 and higher before January expiration.

    Yes this call trtding is very volatile and you should use stops that fit your risk/reward levels. (everyone is different)

    We still have the G-phone and look at the R&D spending of Google...they are being innovative and cutting edge.

    These drastic pullbacks are all part of the game and I guess soome traders just cannot handle it.

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