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  • xxchicagobadboyxx xxchicagobadboyxx Jun 18, 2008 5:26 PM Flag

    AH drop -- where it begin

    It's fairly easy if you have enough shares to execute a buy-sell at 10 points below market value after hours. This can have a short term effect on retail such that it can cap the price for a few days. About $45 million in call options are at stake, which might be the reason for the cap. Look at the max pain graph for this month.

    This unnatural cap on no news may be a buy opportunity prior to the run up for earnings next 3 weeks.

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    • Huh?!

      Option expiration is Friday, June 20!

      Wow, are you saying that MMs are driving down the price to this ridiculous level so as to let the 40m options expire worthless??? I thought these kinds of games were played with smaller cap stocks and I had thought large cap stocks like GOOG were immune from this BS!!!

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      • Well, it's like this there are movers and shakers that control or own huge amounts of stock. GOOG is no different. The rich and powerful make money every month by selling 'pie in the sky', get rich quick with not much money schemes like giving you the right to buy or control 100 shares, at specific strikes. These as you know are call contracts, and most of them expire worthless every month.

        Sometimes, when it looks like cattle movement could cost them, ie a chance they might have to pay on $45 million collected, it behooves them to sell premarket or aftermarket to panic retail into a position that renders those options worthless. They call it making it 'rain' or some think it similar to '7 out' at the casino.

        It takes a hell of a lot more money to sell options than buy them.
        I know cause I had to jump thru a lot more hoops to be able to sell options. I guess if you got to choose which side of the equation, you want to be on, you can decide to be with the weak, and for the most part stupid (those that buy options), or be on the side of those that are rich, powerful, and possible movers and shakers (those that sell options). Me, I never want to be in the path of someone that is powerful and capable of grabbing $45 million.

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