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  • kingoogal kingoogal Feb 22, 2009 1:50 PM Flag

    Great GOOG Gamblers --- March OE

    =Feb 22, 09

    I know it is too early for me to start salivating over how much money can be made, because
    the Gamblers are just coming out of FEB ROOM of the casino, and they are not in a mood to place their bets in MARCH ROOM. BUT...............

    do not forget these numbers before placing your bets in the most MANIPULATED CASINO on Wall Strip!!!!!!!!

    Why is SEC not looking into this manipulation game?

    max call~~~~~~~410
    max put~~~~~~~350
    max pain~~~~~~~350
    max oi~~~~~~~350
    max call~~~~~~~5416
    max put~~~~~~~4576
    max pain~~~~~~~9742
    max oi~~~~~~~9742

    Total call vol~~~~~~~9702
    Total call oi~~~~~~~69503
    Total put vol~~~~~~~11122
    Total put oi~~~~~~~45784


    Wow compare the above Total CALL and PUT OI to last months final numbers!!!

    call oi~~~~~~71398
    put oi~~~~~~~70698

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    • =
      =Mar 16, 09

      310~~~~~~2,522~~~~~~2,504~~~~~~~18 ~~~~~~3,781~~~~~~3,359~~~~~~422
      320~~~~~~4,032~~~~~~3,383~~~~~~649 ~~~~~~4,438~~~~~~3,026~~~~~~1,412
      330~~~~~~6,432~~~~~~6,395~~~~~~~37 ~~~~~~5,014~~~~~~5,526~~~~~~(512)

      Guys and Gals,

      looking at changes in OI at key gambling tables i.e. 310, 320, 330

      please be assured that GOOG will not CLOSE below 310 on FRY-DAY!

      The change in OI @320 puts in the highest 1, i really want to say that 320 is the new floor

      The great wall of China is @330!! I will contact Oracle and find out if she knows what Mr. Smith is trying to do....

      yesterday I posted a list of other CASINOs where there is some food left on the table.....

      if you are hungry and weak try those casinos for this months supply

      I wish you success with your gambles

    • You have the floor Kinggoogal - thanks for your input!

    • gotta give you your props, too, King. Looks like you've got a nice little system there working for you on goog. The "crook" opex theory, lol.

    • =
      Thank you GOD !

    • =
      =Mar 13, 09
      Yesterday afternoon I used the 4 letter word BANK on my calls
      and now I am seeing just about everything UP big in pre-market..... why did i do that... a sign of old age i guess...

      if the game gets enticing I may jump in again after the rush hour is over OMG i just checked price on high beta CASINOs... and they are all going nuts in pre-market.....

      Well folks, who ever is still in the GOOG CASINO
      I wish you good luck with your bets....

    • I think I am absolutely screwed. I bought $270 March puts Tuesday at the close. Should I dump it? Is this over inflated stock going to keep going up?

    • Buffet made very sensible comment in my opinion - retain the M2M BUT relieve the banks the burden of raising matching capital for a while.

    • =
      =Mar 12, 09

      My only hope is that CNBC realizes their mistakes and starts talking about M2M all day today
      also hope that the drama on M2M better include the words


      Any statement with combination of 1-2 words from above will make the headlines of the day and act as catalyst for market movement....

    • Thank you.

      On the high end I don't see them making it over 330 without a fight. Former support should become resistance. With 7.5 trading days left I don't think there's time for this drama to play out before oe.

    • =
      Congratulations on your gamble! because I know those 280 puts will expire worthless!!

      Today you will witness Godfather style action in the GOOG CASINO.....

      I am praying that we see another 2 digits gain and go past 330, but that wall of 330 is very hard to climb

      A statement

      GOOG will not close below 300 on OE FRY-DAY!!

      A bold statement

      GOOG will not close below 310 on OE FRY-DAY !

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